Our Appetizer.: March 2014

March 31, 2014

The Weekender - A relaxation + week recap

There are weekends where all I want to do is lay around and basically do nothing. That's almost exactly what I did this weekend. It was so nice to not have plans and just relax at home with my new book. I am always looking for a new book to read. 

When I stumbled upon Kayli's list of books that I should be reading, I took a closer look at a few of them. You can take a look at her list here. I started reading The Paris Wife early last week and I cannot put it down. It takes place in the 1920's, it's all about Hemingway and his first wife. I highly recommend the book, it's such an easy read but it makes the characters come to life.  

I made my way out on Friday night in celebration of my friend Dan's birthday. I met up at a local Mexican restaurant with a girl friend to catch up and have some margarita's ... oh and I'm sure you can see the chips on the side. Guilty....of eating too many chips and salsa. But you can't go to a Mexican restaurant and not have wayy too many chips and salsa.   

Can someone please tell me that we are not getting anymore snow this year!? I just cannot handle the fact that this was Saturday afternoon. Saturday, as always, I went to lunch with my parents and then we went to get their taxes done. All I have to say about Saturday is, I'm glad I was curled up with a good book the whole night and not out in this terrible mess. 

Dear mother nature, we love you but can you just breakup with winter already?!

This pizza was the best! It was a spinach and mushroom pizza, certified organic (if I can believe something frozen can be organic) but mentally it made me feel good to know that it had the possibility to be organic. All in all, it tasted amazing! Even my dad who believe a pizza isn't a pizza without some form of meat thought it was really good. 

How was your weekend?
Have you started reading a new book?
Have you read The Paris Wife? 
Do you enjoy pizza without meat?
Has it been snowing where you are?

Week Recap in Posts:
- I posted about my new workout challenge, that I am very proud to say that I am still doing.
- I had terrible service this week for lunch and I had to post all about it. I don't want other people to think that terrible service is ok, because it's not. 
- I tried a Colombian and El Salvadorian restaurant with my girl friend Jessica. This place was amazing! You can read all about it here

Have you take a look at those links? 
(what are you waiting for?)
Have you tried the workout challenge?
(what are you waiting for?)
Any new cuisine you've tried recently?

Joining Bella & Lisa for Weekend Recap and Molly & Carly for Funday Monday.

still being [molly]Dateless in Dallas

March 28, 2014

[Delicious & Authentic]

My friend Jessica and I enjoy visiting new restaurant in our area. We always try to think outside of the box when it comes to restaurants or cuisines we try. The day we were planning on meeting up, she texted me saying that we are going to El Arepazo Y Pupuseria. I had never heard of this place before let alone try to pronounce the name of the restaurant.  She had visited this restaurant multiple times and said that it has always been amazing. Naturally, I believed her because she never steered me the wrong way. And I am so glad I did.

The decor is very simple but very eye catching the with bright red walls. This place almost made me feel like this is how a Colombian or El Salvadorian restaurant would look in those countries. 

I ordered a Pupusas de frijol con quesco. It was this amazing corn tortilla filled with cheese and beans. 
I also had a Empanadas de carne. Both were amazing, very different than anything that I've eaten before but definitely worth the try. 
Pupusas de frijol con queso - Pupusas with beans & cheese

The service was great, she was very attentive and nice. The food tasted heavenly. I am hooked on those pupusas! I highly recommend trying foods from different countries, you never know what you will fall in love with. I've never tried this type of food before but I will definitely be returning.

Have you ever tried Colombian food?
Have you ever tried El Salvadorian food?
Do you go off the beaten path to find amazing food?
Would you ever try a pupusas?

March 27, 2014

Customer Service these days...

This post starting today while at lunch, literally a few minutes ago. I work in downtown Cleveland and we have endless choices of where to go for lunch. Normally, we try to pick new places to go eat so today we went to Bar Louie downtown since it's just a walk from the office. I've been here plenty of times and every time it's been a fairly positive experience. Every time but this time that is...and I probably won't be returning to this location anytime soon (that's a nice way of saying never again).

This is what my lunch a Blackberry, Orange & Brie which was made with mixed greens, brie, oranges, blackberries, pecans, bacon, basil and bacon vinaigrette. It's a great looking salad, right? Take a closer look....

I might be blind, but do you see blackberries? The only fruit I see on here are oranges and raspberries...not blackberries. Let me remind you, the salad is called a BLACKBERRY, orange and brie salad...

When the server came over to ask how everything was, I pointed out to him that my salad didn't have any blackberries but it did have some raspberries. He said, and I quote, "ummmmmm yeaaaaaa, I'll tell the cook about that, I hope he doesn't punch me in the face." and then he walked away before I could say anything else. Well according to people I was at the table with, the server didn't say a work to the cook. 

I'm not one to complain while at restaurants, I just wanted to point out that the salad was made incorrectly and missing an ingredient that was in the title of the salad. The server didn't care and his reaction was terrible. He basically looked at me like I was stupid or that he didn't know what raspberries were. 

Now don't get me wrong, I've had some awesome customer service before. I have also worked in the retail and restaurant industry before and I would try to make the customers happy, because without them coming back what do you have?

How do you feel about complaining in a restaurant?
What happens if your dish comes out wrong?
How do you feel about customer service these days?

March 26, 2014

Workout Wednesday - The Challenge

I started this workout challenge Friday night and I have stuck with it ever since. Yes I know it's only been 6 days, but that's a long time for me to stick to a challenge because I usually get bored or just simply get too lazy to do the challenge. I love this challenge because it works your abs, lower abs, butt and legs. I also added in (girl) push-ups for the same amount of crunches I do each day. So this way I work my arms too, talk about a fantastic and quick workout. 

I am so committed to this challenge that Saturday night after getting home at 2:30 in the morning, I did my set for the night. This is a great challenge to add on to any other workout routine you do just to push you a little further. 

It's a great workout to do at home before bed, in the morning before school or work, at the gym...basically anywhere since it doesn't require weights.

I challenge you do add this to your daily workouts or to just take on this challenge. 

March 24, 2014

The Weekender - Mom's Birthday

My lovely mom's birthday weekend

Talk about a relaxing but fun weekend. As you can see, the weekend was filled with family, friends and lots of food.

- Friday, was all about work and my last barre class. As some of you know I bought a Groupon for a new workout studio called The Movement Factory, you can read more about it here.Even though my Groupon promotion has expired, I will be purchasing another month at the beginning on April. Gotta stay in shape, summer is coming...i think?
- Friday I wore the new beautiful necklace My Guy bought me. I also went and bought my mom's birthday present. She loves my MK watch so I had to buy her one as well :)
- Saturday morning I went to go pick up the cake from A Cookie and A Cupcake, this place is to die for! The cutest little hidden place in Tremont. They have the best cupcakes! I am usually healthy and all but who doesn't love some cupcakes!?!?  I also went to help my dad pick out a birthday present for my mom. He got her to beautiful rings, one is a white gold ring with diamonds and the other is a very abstract sterling silver ring with a blue sapphire, I will have to post pictures of them.
- Saturday night was spent dancing the night away. I love going out with my girl friends and just enjoy the evening on the dance floor. Please tell me you like to dance!?
- Sunday was Mom's Day!! We took her to lunch, she chose Olive Garden and we had a fantastic time. My dad and I kept teasing her of how we didn't get a cake because she told us not to. She looked a little disappointed but was very surprised when we got home and she saw the cake. We each had pasta dishes and they were amazing.
- I love the picture of my parents, they always try to match :)
- My dad is a truck driver and always thinks of me when he's on the road. So when he was transporting these amazing Coconut Macaroons he had to buy a bag for me too. He knows I like healthier options for dessert so he bought these gluten-free organic treats.

How was your weekend?
How do you celebrate birthdays? 
Do you enjoy dancing with your girl friends?

March 17, 2014

The Weekender - Visiting My Guy

Words cannot explain how fantastic this past weekend was.

I have been planning a trip to Tampa to visit My Guy for a few months now but it always seemed better for him for come home than for me to go there. Whenever he comes home, we always have the weekend planned. It usually includes vising with my family, his family, our friends, usually there's a wedding we need to attend, or a baptism. Basically something is always going on and our time together is usually none existing. Yes of course we do all of these things together but we don't have time for just the two of us. All we want is to lay on the couch and watch TV together or go grocery shopping, you know real life stuff. 
And the reason why I wanted to go to Tampa this time was just to spend time together, just the two of us together with no one else, and that is exactly what we did.

Welcome to the picture overload post. 

Friday - Included a day of work & travel. Work has been crazy as always, but it's good because it makes my day go by much faster. I had a connection through Atlanta on Friday, talk about a busy airport! I had an hour layover, which gave me plenty of time to get to my gate. We landed in Tampa a half hour later than scheduled because we were delayed leaving Atlanta..nothing new. 

Once in Tampa, I wasn't that nervous to see My Guy which was strange because I'm always nervous to see him. We ended up going to have some drinks at the International Mall, which is half outdoors and half indoors. We sat outside next to a little fire and enjoyed each others company. Oh I also tried this Skinnygirl drink and it was amazing! Plus it's only 5 calories :) We always end the night with a bunch of random pictures.

Saturday - We woke up a little early and started getting ready for to the beach. My Guy surprised with a beautiful necklace. I had to support Ohio with my green Ohio shirt. The drive to the beach wasn't too bad, just around an hour from Tampa to Clearwater. The view from the parking garage was amazing, made me feel like I was on vacation. We spent the day laying on the beach and having lunch together. Saturday night, not pictured here but read here all about it, was amazing. We had dinner at Bern's Steakhouse and let me tell you that was an experience.  

Sunday - Was a day or relaxation. We said goodbye to his sister and her family because they went on a cruise. Then we enjoyed some coffee on the couch together before making our way to St.Petersburg for the day. Of course I had to take some selfies on the way :) 

We found one of the coolest rooftop restaurants, The Canopy at the Birchwood Hotel. We enjoyed the beautiful view, the amazing weather, the great food and the cold drinks. After the rooftop restaurant we went to get dessert and I finally was able to try those amazing macaroons, talk about mouthwatering. We finished our Sunday with some green beer before heading to the airport.

We had one of the best weekends together. We really enjoyed our time together and made new memories. 

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
Do you ever travel to see your significant other?
Have you been to any of the places above?
How do you enjoy flying?

Bern's Steakhouse

Saturday night we had dinner reservations at Bern's Steakhouse. I have one word to describe this...amazing. According to Zagat, Bern's is the best steakhouse in the Tampa area. And it is almost the number 2 best steakhouse in America, according to The Daily Meal.
We made our reservations about a month prior and the earliest dinner time they had was for 9:30 PM. I will say that the wait was worth it.

When we arrived the restaurant was packed with people. This is no place to go without a reservation. We ordered two glasses of wine from the bar while waiting for our table to be ready. When we were called for our table, we saw how private this restaurant really is. The way the restaurant is split up is in different rooms that have about 15-20 tables in each room. Once we sat down we took a look at the menu which was very large. Once we took a look at the wine list we were in shock. I've never seen a wine list so large, it was over 100 pages. The most expensive wine was $30,000 for a bottle! After dinner we had a tour of the kitchen, which in my opinion was very large, well organized and clean.

For dinner we both had French Onion soup and the House salad. We each had - 
He had the :  Crab Stuffed Baked Jumbo Shrimp - Jumbo lump crab meat, bacon, fingerling potatoes, French beans, Dijon white wine cream sauce.
I had the : Pink Peppercorn & Ginger Crusted Salmon - Asparagus, fingerling potatoes, shallots, preserved lemon mustard vinaigrette.
Both dishes were amazing!! We had plenty to take home as well since we wanted to save room for dessert as well. 

After dinner, we went on a tour of the kitchen and then a tour of the wine cellar. This cellar was spectacular! It houses over 105,000 bottles of wine, including the bottle of $30,000. After the wine tour we went up to the dessert room. 
For dessert we shared:
  • Trio of Liquid Center Cakes - Mini dark chocolate cake, dulce de leche center with banana caramel ice cream. Mini chocolate cake, praline hazelnut center with Caramélia crunch ice cream. Mini chocolate cake, white chocolate center paired with vanilla bean ice cream.
This place is more than anything I could ever imagine. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Tampa or if you ever visit the Tampa area. It is a definite must do! 

March 14, 2014

Last post

Before I leave for Tampa! As you know, My Guy moved to Tampa two years ago and we are doing a long distance relationship currently. He was home for Valentine's Day, New Years Eve and my Graduation therefor it's my turn to go visit. And let me explain, I am not complaining at all about leaving this crazy weather in Cleveland going down to Tampa for the weekend. Oh and when I say crazy weather, I mean crazy weather.

On Wednesday when I came into work it was barely raining and about 28 degrees outside. Within a few hours it started snowing and it kept switching between snow and rain the entire day. Monday felt like Spring was finally here, it was 50 degrees! Today it feels like Spring again, it's 55 degrees. Crazy weather!

Anyways, back to what my post was about...

I am going to the airport after work, so in about 20 minutes. One of my favorite parts about going on vacation or to visit My Guy is flying. I love airports and planes, for some reason they are so fascinating to me. I definitely should have gotten a job in aviation, definitely up my alley. I land in Tampa at 11:15 and I cannot wait to see him! It's been 4 weeks since we've seen each other, so this weekend will be nice to see each other.

As always we have the whole weekend packed. Tonight we are going out for drinks at the International Mall in Tampa which is really convenient since it's right by the airport. Tomorrow we are going to Clearwater beach all day, then we have dinner reservations at Bern's Steakhouse...I've heard amazing things about this place so I can't wait to try it out. Oh and it better be fantastic because we tried making reservations 3 weeks ago for this weekend and the earliest dinner time we could get was 9:30PM. After dinner we are planning to go out since all of the St. Patty's Day festivities will be going on all around town, hopefully we will have enough energy to go out.

I can't wait to board my plane and know that I'm getting closer to seeing him! 

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
Do you love planes and airports as much as me?
What is your favorite part about going on vacation (minus the vacation itself)?

[Happies & Crappies]

At last this week comes to an end! 
I've decided to linkup with Amber from Brunch With Amber 
to discuss the Happies & Crappies of this week

Happies - 
 - I painted my nails this week since I am going to Tampa today to see My Guy. I used the colors above : Essie - Mademoiselle, L'Oreal - Grecian Goddess, Essie - Ignite the Night (glitter).
- I checked into my flight to Tampa! I love using apps to do that so that way I don't have to wait at the airport or worry about losing my boarding pass.
- I was hoping to keep the nice weather around by wearing a bright and spring like outfit. 
- Working out has become a habit. Even when I can't make it in the gym/studio I workout at home. 
- Coffee...enough said.
- Oh and I got my girl scout cookies! 

 Crappies : 
- This weather. Holy moly this weather is on crack. We had amazing weather on Monday and then on Tuesday it just got colder and colder. And then Wednesday it rained, rained and snowed. 
- So much work to do. Trying to fix a lot of problems that other people made because they don't know what they are doing is very frustrating. 

Over all this looked pretty successful, minus the crazy weather.

Do you like glitter on your nails?
Are you an OPI or Essie girl?
Do you use airline apps?
How is the weather where you are?

March 10, 2014

CLE CLOTHING CO. - Representing Cleveland

There is something about pride, something positive and special about it. What about pride in your city? Having pride in your city means loving, caring, appreciating and respecting everything about where you are from. That's what this store does to someone, it makes people feel proud to be from Cleveland. Yes, I said it, proud of being from Cleveland, Ohio. 

This is the beautiful East 4th street in Cleveland. Yes from this picture it doesn't look very busy, mostly because it's still cold outside, but come see it in the summer time. Every restaurant and patio is filled with people enjoying the beautiful weather and the amazing restaurants. East 4th is home home to some of the best restaurants in Cleveland, the cutest patios and home of the store with the biggest Cleveland pride. Restaurants on East 4th include The Greenhouse Tavern which feature dishes made with local ingredients to support the local market, Lola which is a Michael Symon restaurant that offers a modernization to favored dishes, other restaurants on East 4th include Zocalo, House of Blues and many others. Along with the amazing selection of restaurants, sits an incredible Cleveland pride store, CLE Clothing Co. The store is located right across the street from Corner Alley at the north end of East 4th. The store has beautiful windows so shoppers can get a glimpse of what the store has to offer. I've walked past this store multiple times but never stopped in until recent. When I walked in, I was taken aback about all of the great things this store had to offer. The people working in the store were very friendly, relaxed and not at all pushy. I loved the decorates inside, the way the store was organized and the different Ohio & Cleveland things. 

There were a ton of options. Cleveland basketball shirts, Indians shirts, Cleveland shirts, Ohio shirts, glasses, socks, accessories and it all screamed pride. The first thing that caught my eye was a green Ohio shirt, perfect for St. Patrick's day. 

I fell in love with the shirt immediately. I love the outline of Ohio on the shirt, the color, the v-neck style, the fabric, the store, the location and the fact that it was representing the city I love. Even though I will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Tampa this year, you bet I will be representing Ohio! 

Stop in and see what amazing things this store has to offer and if you've never been to Cleveland before, what are you waiting for?!

Rough Monday Morning

All thanks to this great (jk) time change, getting out of bed this morning was about 100 times harder than any other Monday morning. Yes I know that this means that Summer is coming or something but I still see snow on the ground and I still have to bundle up for my walk to work from the parking lot. I literately was like a zombie this morning, thinking back I don't even remember getting out of bed and getting dressed. I do remember that I was about 40 minutes late getting out of bed this morning which left me with only 15 minutes to get ready, so there will be no pictures posted of myself today because no one wants to see this. 

My (last) week and weekend on the other hand, were much better than my morning. All of last week I was at The Movement Factory getting in as many Barre, Booty Camp, Pilates and Pilates Springboard classes in as possible. My workout classes have been:

Monday : I ran 5 miles at LA Fitness because there were no earlier workout classes at The Movement Factory and I wanted to catch the Bachelor at 8, priorities right haha.
Tuesday : Booty Camp at 6 & Barre Sculpt at 7
Wednesday : Booty Bare at 6
Thursday : Pilates Springboard at 5:30 & Pilates Mat at 6:30
Friday : Booty Barre at 5

Seems like a pretty successful week of workouts if you ask me! Along with working out, work has been busy (lots of Advil for bad headaches) with our even busier season fast approaching. I've been eating lots of salads and other healthy things (Quest bars are ah-mazing) but I've also indulged a little in Caramel Popcorn. Oh and coffee has become by new best friend along with (caffeinated) tea.

This past weekend was good & relaxing, which is always welcomed. 

Friday after Barre, Jessica and I went to this super cute Modern Mexican place in Lakewood called El Carnicero. We enjoyed:
 - guacamole | goat cheese + tomato + chile poblano (v)
 -  salsa chiltomate | charred tomato + chile guajillo (v)
 We also had tamales which were amazing! It was tamales with roasted spaghetti squash, delish!

Saturday night I met up with my girl friends Ana & Lavi. Of course we met at Press Wine Bar, per usual. And then we went to Drop Bar, per usual as well. I love the laughing picture of Lavi and I as well as the cute smiley picture. Her and I take the best pictures, thank goodness for good looking friends! Oh I also had to throw in a selfie because I loved my hair and makeup for Saturday night. 

Sundays are usually No Makeup Sundays hence the selfie. I wear makeup every other day of the week so I figure I should give me skin a break on Sundays. Sundays are usually my hanging out around the house day anyways. This Sunday was different, I spent sometime at The Movement Factory doing a Pilates Springboard class. 

This weekend I also started a new series here on BoardingTogether called How To Deal. My first post in this series is How To Deal with People Who Are Always Late. Check back often for more How To Deal posts, you might relate to some or even all. 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

How was your week?
How was your weekend?
Do you give your skin a break?
Are you trying to get bikini ready?!

March 9, 2014

How to deal - People who are always late

I've decided to start a series of posts called How To Deal. There are many things that us as women, men or just normal human beings have to deal with that just annoy us, upset us, irritate us, disappoint us or just basically piss (for a lack of a better word) us off. 

First post in this How To Deal series is People Who Are Always Late.

I have a list of friends who are always late (chronically late). I love their company and spending time with these friends but I really hate waiting for people. I think everyones time is precious these days and when someone doesn't respect my time like I respect theirs it upsets me. Maybe you feel the same. 

How do you deal with friends that are always late? Are you the friend who is always late? If you made plans with a few people to get together and they were always late, what do you say? Do you pretend that it doesn't bother you? Do you lie and say "oh I just got here too" when in reality you've always had a glass of wine by yourself? Or do you just need to relax a little?

There have been a few times with countless different people that I've sat and waited and waited....and waited for them to show you. Lets pretend that you have plans to get together with a group of friends for a night out and you all agree on getting together for dinner at 8 PM. Once 7:45 PM comes around and you text everyone to ask if they will be there at 8 and everyone responds with no. What do you do? You decide to go to the location that you all agreed upon around 8:45 and no one is there yet. Then you get a table and you wait. And you wait.  And wait. Everyone shows up after 9. Do you say something to your friends that are late? 

I personally hate being put in these situations because I don't like arguing with people. I don't want to ruin an evening because of people are being inconsiderate. I always do want to get my point across that my time is just as important as everyones' time, finding the perfect way to do that is the most challenging. 

The way I try to deal with these kinds of people is:

- Plan for them to be late : Give yourself that extra 10 minutes to get ready. Park that much farther from the establishment where you are all meeting up this way you can get a little workout in too.

- Determine if you could relax : Things come up without notice, have an agreement that if they are over 20 minutes late that will really upset you. When you know someone is always late, take matters into your own hands and just plan for them to be late. 

- Confront them : While this might be the most difficult to do, it is the one that should be the most effective. By confronting them, you show them that you respect yourself enough to ask them to respect your time as well as their time. 

- Give them an earlier meet up time : This way they will never be late....maybe.

- Express how you feel when you have to wait : When you express to someone how you felt when you were waiting for a long time for someone this might make them realize that what they did was on the rude side. It is very important to convey that your time is just as important as their time. 

How do you deal with people who are always late?
Are you always late?

March 7, 2014

It's what day!?! Did you say FRIDAY!?

This is basically how this week has been...not really knowing what day of the week it is because everything has been so crazy busy. Everyday I woke up asking myself what day it is. And yes I spent about half of yesterday thinking it was Friday, let me tell you...I was really disappointed when I found out it was really only Thursday.

This past week was filled with work, the movement factory, the bachelor, and more work. 

Work lately has been insane. I went to school for Marketing, yes I double majored in Marketing and International Business. Can someone please explain to me how I ended up on the Finance team?! You read that right, I'm on the finance team of a Fortune 500 company. One word, YIKES! It has been month end, which means a ton of reports that need to be sent to sales reps, rebates to be sent to customers, things to be accrued (Google the word...I had to) for and warranties/contractor agreements to be issued. Work has just been insane. I am very thankful to have such amazing co-workers that keep me sane, well we just b*tch about things and how many requests we get each day. Work has just been on a different level, but hey it's job security!

Working out

As you know, I recently joined a new workout studio. This place is amazing, it has boot camp classes, Pilates springboard classes, barre classes, Pilates classes. The classes are smaller in size which I love because I get more personally attention to my form. This past weekend I've been at the studio or my regular gym every day after work. I'm going to Tampa to see My Guy next Friday so I want to be in great shape. This past week my workouts have been:

Monday : Run 5 miles.
Tuesday : Boot Camp 6-7PM, Barre Sculpt 7-8PM
Wednesday : Boot Camp 6-7PM
Thursday : Pilates Springboard 5:30-6:30PM, Pilates Mat 6:30-7:30PM
Friday (today) : Booty Barre 5-6PM

Nothing like getting in a great routine for summer time! 

Oh my week also consisted of The Bachelor, of course! While I'm not a fan of Juan Pablo, I see like the show and the drama that comes along with it. I'm a girl that enjoys watching drama on TV, shocker! While drama on TV is all great and funny, I hate drama in my life so I try to stay as far away from all drama magnets out there.

That was basically my face the entire time watching the women tell all this past Monday night. Those girls were ripping him apart but I think Juan deserved it. He would go around kissing on girl and then using excuses with the other girls. Blah blah blah, drama :)

How was your week?
Do you workout?
Are you in a job that you didn't thing you would ever have?
What do you think of the bachelor?
Are you going to watch the finale!?

March 3, 2014

The Weekender - A weekend In

This weekend was Ah-Mazing! 
Mostly because I didn't do much of anything 
and let me tell you it was ah-mazing. 

Friday - I recently signed up at a new workout studio called The Movement Factory. Like the name states, this studio is in a real working factory. The first time I went I was so lost and confused. I had to call and ask for directions from the parking lot. The conversation went as followed:
Me: "Hello, I am looking for your location but I don't see any sign. I think I am in the right location."
Lady: "Hi! Did you turn into the parking lot of the building where there was a sign out front?"
Me: "Yes, I did. I am now parked right in front."
Lady: " Perfect, Do you see the first loading dock?"
Me: " Yes, I do."
Lady: "Go in the door to the left of the first loading dock. Go through the door straight ahead and up the yellow staircase. Once you reach the second level, turn left and then turn left again. You can't miss the red door."
While the past was really creepy at first, the studio is really cute and the classes are amazing! Friday I took my first Barre class and it was such a great workout. 

Friday evening, I met with 3 girl friends at a really cute wine bar. Humble Wine Bar is a fairly new wine bar in Lakewood, Ohio. It has a great wine selection and great food. Of course us girls talked and talked and laughed so much. 

I very rarely curl my hair but I wanted to try it out Friday night for my girls night. I love how it turned out and it was all an accident. If I actually tried to curl my hair and have it look cute on purpose it would probably look terrible. 

Saturday - Even though I could barely walk, I had RSVPed for another Barre class for 8 AM on Saturday. This new studio has a very strict "no show" rule, if you do not show up for class or cancel within 12 hours of the class they will charge you 10$. While this is pretty brutal, it's great for me because it forces me to stay on track. So needless to say, I could barely walk the rest of the day. 

Sunday - I met up with two girls I used to be really close with. It was really nice to meet up and catch up. My only thing is that I wish I would have taken pictures! The rest of the day was spent missing My Guy and reading my book. I had dinner with my parents at home which was nice as well and enjoyed my favorite wine that My Guy ordered for me as a Valentine's Day present. As you can tell, My Guy and I talk all the time...I mean we are in a long distance relationship.

How was your weekend?
Do you enjoy weekends in?
What motivates you to go workout even when you're sore?
What is your favorite wine?
Do you enjoy reading?