Our Appetizer.: November 2014

November 18, 2014

How To Prepare For A Big Girl Job Interview

It's either you've been here or will be here one day. The day that you interview for a big girl job, a job that you want your career path to go down, a job that will open the door to so many opportunities. It's the job that you dream of when you are looking for that perfect job. They say that if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life. This is the kind of job I'm talking about. The job that you wake up loving and you go to bed content with your day.

Clearly at this point you've already wowed them with your resume, hence you have an interview. 

I always start off by making sure my portfolio is up to date with all projects I have completed that have to do with the position I am applying for. My goal is to get back on the marketing side of my company, therefore I have a lot of projects that I have completed when I was a co-op and now in my full time spot. 

To get ready I made sure my portfolio was in order, and I knew what I wanted to talk about in my interview. You want to make sure that you have examples of each job requirement. 

In your portfolio you want to have:
- copies of your resume
- copies of your cover letter
- copies of any certification certificates
- projects you completed

Since I am applying for a marketing position, I wanted to make sure that I have examples of different ads I have put together. Having examples of things that will be relevant to your potential job is a huge advantage. 

Once you are all set prepping for the interview, it's time to think about what you are going to dress like. 

I think professional is more of a clean palette. Simple makeup, simple nails, black suit, crisp white shirt, simple jewelry. 

Interview Outfit

What do you think?
Would you rock this to an interview?
Do these tips help?

*For an interview, always be early. If you are on time, you are already late*

November 17, 2014


Well as much as I've been trying to get into blogging regularly, I totally missed my one year anniversary.

I honestly cannot believe I missed it. 

I guess between work, working out, new friends and guy in my life keeping this blog up and running while no one in my life knowing about it is hard. Is it pathetic that no one knows about this blog? It's been my little place to just write what ever was on my mind and what ever I never really wanted to hear out loud. 

Do you tell people about your blog? 
How do people react?
How long do you wait to tell them about your blog?

Anyways, we are here to talk about missing my one year. 

This is it! The first picture I ever posted on this blog and the first post ever! WOW! I have come a long way from being in love with a man that moved 1000 miles away from me to being "single" and living on my own. I blogged to you about my graduation from college and my first big girl work Christmas party. 

And that time the Christmas tree fell. Yep, it happened, you can read about it here

So much has happened this first year of my blog year:
As you can tell a lot has happened in this past year and I am so happy to have been able to share everything with you gals. 

I really want to thank everyone that has been following me all along my crazy journey, and everyone that just started following. I really appreciate everyone encouraging me to keep going. Things have been crazy and I'm sure with time they will get even crazier, so please come along for the ride!

Sniffles at it's best

Talk about a sniffling weekend! I mean don't get me wrong, I can deal with being sick and whatnot especially when it's my best friends birthday! Weather in Cleveland has been insane which is probably why I feel the way I feel.

Waking up Friday morning to snow was somewhat heart warming and freezing at the same time. The drive to work took much longer than expected, even though I did leave a lot earlier than usual.

I had an 8am meeting for the Cleveland State University and Sherwin-Williams Corporate Alumni Chapter. This was the first time we actually had a meeting like this and it was nice to see some people I went to college with. It makes me feel so good to know that I am part of a company that gives back so much to not only city but the college I'm an alumni from. Each alumni received this CSU/Sherwin-Williams paint can and stir stick. 

I have been craving soup since it has gotten cold out and I love that on our 8th floor we have a cafe which always has two different types of soups. I had to try this Chicken Tortilla soup, and it was amazing! What kind of soup do you enjoy?

One of mine and my man friend's favorite thing to do is put together puzzles. Yea, I know kind of nerdy but whatever we love it. After finishing our last puzzle, we decided to order a new one. He surprised me with a puzzle that is made in Romania and it's of a beautiful castle in Romania. This is near and dear to my heart since I was born in Romania and try to visit often. That's a story for another day.

I went to my parents house for lunch and to hang out with them as usual. I enjoy spending time with them since I don't see them much during the week. 

A few months ago I went to Vegas for the first time with my parents and I purchased my first MK bag. When I went to my parents house this past weekend my mom had a little present for me. This beautiful wallet which matches my purse perfectly! Talk about obsession!!! Do you like MK items?

Saturday night was spent out celebrating my best friend's birthday. We had a blast going to bars in Cleveland but every place was so incredibly busy. 

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Of course I need to add in a picture of my man friend and I! I wish everyone could have been out with us to celebrate. Nothing better than being surrounded by loved ones. 

I woke up on Sunday with the worst cold. I didn't leave my apartment till about 5:30pm when I went to my parents house to have dinner. Breakfast and lunch consisted of 2 cheese sticks (love that stuff) and popcorn with a side of cold medication. How do you shake a cold? I need to get better before my interview tomorrow. Tonight after work I'm going to Express to look into getting a new pant suit, can't wait!! 

How was your weekend?
Do you and your man friend have fun little things you guys like to do?
How do you celebrate birthdays?
How do you shake a cold?
Do you follow me on Instagram?

November 14, 2014

It's Friday, thank goodness!

Welcome to Cleveland, I mean welcome to the freaking snow blizzard capital of the United States. I cannot believe how much snow we have gotten! Yesterday I got home from work and parked my car outside, like I normally do. My trusty little weather app said there was a 40% chance of snow. In my mind, that means no snow. Ok fine, maybe like a little dusting. I look outside a about 2-3 hours later, and my car is COVERED. I mean like 4-5 inches of snow. Really trusty weather app, only 40% chance of snow....liar.

I guess this is going to force me to use the parking garage I pay for...that I haven't used yet. Wish me luck parking in there without my man's friend help.

Anyways, lets get onto my favorites! 


My absolute favorite song right now. Such a good beat, perfect for Fridays.


I love this, I found it on Pinterest. I just don't know where to buy it from. 


This warm honey fig dip with blue cheese and garlic pitas looks amazing! I think I'm going to try to make it this weekend. You can find the pin here!


This weekend we are celebrating my longest and best friends' birthday! She's a blonde and I'm a brunette, I cannot wait to celebrate with her! Come by next week to see fun pictures from our night out.


I CANNOT WAIT FOR VACATION!! Punta Cana here I come again! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 
Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!!

November 13, 2014


That's what I'm trying to change. 
For as long as I can remember I've never really had an issue with my body. I've always fit into smaller sizes, I mean shit I wore Abercrombie Kids jeans till I graduated high school. Now all of the sudden I'm starting to think that I need to change. I need to eat better not less and I need to workout smarter not more. Oh and that thing called alcohol...well I need to take a break from that. 

I'm going on a beach vacation for Christmas to Punta Cana and I want to look hot. Not just hot but HOT like smoking hot. I want to be confident and to be able to wear my bikini all day and feel great about it. I also want to look hot for my man friend. How many of you try to look hot for your men?! I better see all of those hands go up. I don't want to get comfortable and lose sight of my waist line. 

I need to get back to this weight minus the thighs. I need to tone those down a little more. This picture was taken in Cancun a few years ago and I think I was at 120 pounds so I have about 15 pounds to lose. 

I've been going to the gym a lot and working out hard, my issue is what I eat. I know with time and determination I will get back to my normal body and be perfectly confident and content again. 

Till then, I will be posting my workouts and what I eat. So don't get sick of me and join me on this journey. I challenge you to post what you eat each day to see where you can improve and become a healthier better you. 

What do you do to get ready for a beach vacation?
What do you do at the gym?
What is your workout routine?
Do you try to make healthy choices when you eat?
How do you do when you go out? Do you eat healthy?

November 10, 2014

Another November Weekend

I cannot believe we are almost half way done with November. It was pretty chilly here in Cleveland this past weekend but that didn't stop my plans.

Friday night
I didn't do much and it was amazing. I stayed in, cleaned my apartment and met my man friend's son. He is the cutest thing ever! All three of us worked on the 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for about a half hour till we all lost patience. That little guy was so cute and respectful.

Saturday I woke up later than what I have proposed myself because I wanted to sleep in a little. I swear the work week just tires me out so much and all I do is sit at a desk all day. I can't imagine people that are actually doing manual labor.

I went to the gym Saturday morning to run, remember I'm going on beach vacation in about 6 weeks and I keep gaining weight rather than losing weight. my dilemma continues, but that's another post. 

Saturday night my man friend and I went to my friend's house that was about an hour away. We had a blast with a bunch of my friends. I was a little nervous because three of my ex's best guy friends were there but they were really cool and inviting towards my man friend. We had a blast, till I drank too much and got sick. I was in bed passed out at my friends house by midnight, talk about a party pooper. It happens to the best of us. 

Most of the time when we go out to this friends house everyone ends up spending the night. I mean they do have 4 bedrooms, a huge couch and a finished basement.When we were getting ready to leave, we saw these two sleeping so comfy together. 

I was so hung over that I could not wait to get home and either throw up again or just pass out. The drive was rough but I made it to my own bed and passed out. I woke up to my man friend next to me just creeping on Facebook. 

I knew I needed to eat something because I had nothing in my stomach but Advil and water. All I wanted was bread and butter. Then I remembered that earlier in the day I bought the cutest heart shaped salami so I had to have that as well. After I started feeling better we went for a 2 mile walk in the park and played volleyball for about 30 minutes. We were both getting really cold so we called it a day. 

I am so incredibly happy to tell you that we have completed our 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle!! It took us about a month and a half of randomly working on this darn thing but it's finally done! And I can have my dining room table back. 

All in all it was a great weekend, pretty relaxing (minus getting wasted Saturday night) and really fun just spending quality time with my man friend. 

Have you ever put together a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle?
Have you done a bigger puzzle than 1000 pieces?
How do you cure a hangover?
Tell me all about your weekend!

November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites

Oh I thank goodness for this Friday. This past week has been a crazy roller coaster ride, so this Friday is much appreciated. Today I am linking up with Amanda and Rebecca so check them out! Work has become so bland that I can barely stay awake while I'm here. And my life seems to be on repeat everyday, I need to spice things up. And I'm starting today by meeting my man friend's son. Wish me luck everyone, I think I will need it! Also, if you have any advice I will gladly listen.

Favorite Song

I have become obsessed with this song. I makes the gym and running so much easier.I could probably listen to it everyday, till I find a new song to obsess over. 

Favorite Recipe

I've been dying to make this salad. I have recently found my love for kale and salmon. Salmon is good for hair and kale is good for well everything else. 

Favorite Makeup Look

I love how simple and classic this look is. It brings out the best in every eye color. 

Favorite Outfit

Remember this from my birthday? I barely mentioned it in this post OHH and this post is also where I talked about meeting a scout for the Boston Red Box. #nobigdeal. 

Favorite Vacation Destination 

I loved Tulum Mexico!! And yes I took that picture, no it wasn't photoshopped. I visited Tulum in July of this year, you can read & see more pictures here.

Favorite Funny
I know a few people that fit into this category. 

I hope you can relate to some of these! Let me know :) 
Everyone have a fabulous weekend! 

November 6, 2014


I am a huge fan of reviewing. I think that the best way for customers to get a good idea of products, services, vacations or anything else is to read others opinions. Reviewing on Influenster is so easy and convenient. The website is easy to navigate and reading reviews helps me make better purchases.

I few days ago I received this package in the mail. Let me tell you, I adore getting products to review about. It just makes me feel like my opinion counts. And what customer doesn't want to feel that way?

This little box contained this amazing lotion. In the fall/winter I get dry skin, to the point that it hurts. So far this product has definitely done it's job. It smells great and it leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized. My man friend has extremely dry hands during the time and he was so happy to see how well this product worked.

All in all, I highly recommend this Vaseline moisturizing lotion as well as Influenster!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

November 5, 2014

Yesterday = Start

I am a vacation whore so I try to go on vacations a few times a year. I love laying on the beach, getting some rays, sipping on drinks and just forgetting about the world. Within the last few years I've been to :

Cruise : Miami, Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel
Myrtle Beach
Cancun, Mexico
Negril, Jamaica
Tampa, Florida
Cruise to the Bahamas
Clearwater, Florida
Finger Lakes, NY
Orlando, Florida
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Tulum, Mexico

And this time for Christmas we will be spending it back in Punta Cana!! We are going for 11 days to Punta Cana to stay at RIU Bambu. I'm not thrilled about the resort but it's a vacation that includes: sun, drinks, fun, friends and family.

So now that the vacation is planned, I really need to get in shape and lose this 20 pounds. I keep gaining weight and I wasn't sure why till I actually sat down to think about it. I eat too much during the day (breakfast burrito, King size Kit-Kat bar, lunch, oatmeal, coffee...) and that's just while I'm at work. When I get home, I just munch on random things and not really have dinner. Oh and lets not forget about the alcohol. 

Yesterday was the start of eating clean and working out. I have proposed to myself to eat meals, smaller more frequent meals. And actually have some sort of dinner and not just munch on random things. Also, I need to get my butt in the gym. Cardio all the way peeps!

How do you get motivated to lose weight?
Any tips you have for me to lose weight?
Have you ever visited any of the places I've been to?
What is your favorite vacation stop?
HELP ME GET IN SHAPE!! (that's my pathetic cry for help!)

November 3, 2014


Oh good old blog friends, here I went again. Just walked out the door and forgot about blogland. Ok I didn't really forget I just keep having writer block. My life has been great, really great but lets be serious there are only so many weekends you can read about. So I need to get my butt in gear to write my fun and reader friendly things. Till I get back in my groove, I will be telling you what has been going on lately. Honestly, the best way to follow me is on my Instagram. I'm like an Instagram whore, I post all the time.

  • I posted about my weekend away with my friends in Washington DC. You can read about it here
  • I celebrated Halloween with some friends at my apartment to play beer pong and whatnot. 
  • I plan on making that amazing looking Salmon Salad this week. You can find the recipe here. And you can follow me on Pinterest for more amazing recipes.  
  • As always, I always post a lot on my Instgram. Follow me there for more updates. 

On Sunday I went to a Baptism. Outfit as followed:
Jacket: Kohls (old)
Shirt: Express
Leather leggings: Express
Shoes: Kohls (old)

How are things going for you?
What's new with you?
Do you follow me on Instagram?

Washington Weekending

I'm a little behind but I really wanted to blog about the fantastic weekend I had two weekends ago (Oct 24-26). My man friend and I drove from Cleveland to Washington DC to celebrate one of his friends 30th birthday. Let me tell you, it was one of the best weekend getaways I've ever had. 

No makeup, no problem. 
My parents live 10 minutes away from I live. My dad is a truck driver so he is always on the road (obviously) so Friday morning he called me to ask how traffic normally is on the highway I take to work. Usually traffic on I-90 East is crazy, literally doing 10-15 mph and it takes forever to get to work...anyways. Once we got on the road, I called my dad to see where he was and he was only a mile behind us. So of course, I wanted my man friend to slow down so my dad could catch up to us. It was so cute, we had the most perfect sunrise and we got to see my dad on the highway. 

Told you it was the most perfect sunrise 
We picked up one of his friends on the way. Once we were on the road to DC we were all so excited to be on our way and for the weekend ahead. We stayed at a really nice hotel, Grand Hyatt Washington DC. The location was perfect, the staff was great (they gave me free wifi, nothing makes me happier than free wifi), the room was nice, overall it was a great choice. 

Grand Hyatt Washington DC lobby.
I ended up doing the Hotwire Secret Hotel price. It was my first time doing this but it worked out really well. Basically, you pick the area that you want your hotel in, the star rating and what ever price that star rating is for. Once you book, they show you what hotel you got. We paid 159.99$ a night when the hotel was really 234$ a night. We got an awesome deal. 

Dinner the first night was amazing
He is such a looker!
I didn't realize how much walking people do in DC, but my feet started hurting and I messed up my Red Bottoms a little :( And I am happy to say that I took my first public transportation in the United States!! I was a happy girl!

This is where the night gets fuzzy. Now I'm not an alchy but I barely ate all day and we started drinking as soon as we got to the hotel (3pm). Needless to say, 5 drinks later and 3 shorts later I was feeling pretty ... wasted. I mean like white girl wasted. Like I was dancing with my hand waving in the air and singing like I wrote every song. Embarrassing. The next day I couldn't get out of bed till like noon because I was so hungover. But then I told myself to get it together and just get out of the hotel room. We did a lot of walking, about 8 miles in total on Saturday from noon till 6 pm. 

Selfie with Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson fun 
We kind of became pros at selfies
There are a lot of places I love in DC. One of my favorite museums is the Holocaust, so we had to visit that museum. It so sad but so real. It really puts everything into perspective of what these people went through. Honestly, things that most of us could not get through. My absolute favorite monument is Lincoln. Mostly because he is one of my favorite founding fathers and his monument is fantastic. 

We sat on the steps of Lincoln and just took in the amazing view and talked. There is nothing better than sightseeing with your best friend and just talking for hours another everything and nothing at all.

Once in a lifetime kind of friend.
The World War II memorial is so pretty. And of course we loved the Ohio sign. 

Since I picked the Holocaust museum, my man friend had to pick a museum to visit. Thank goodness he picked the Air and Space museum because that place is out of this world! I am a wierdo and I love planes I think they are amazing. So this was right up my alley. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner and that a few random bars. Dinner was amazing, I highly recommend Mesa 14, it was so good. 

My face looks jacked up in this picture
All in all, this was one of the best weekend getaways I've ever had. My man friend is winning major brownie points! 

Have you ever been to DC?
What are your favorite places to visit?
How many brownie points should he win?