Our Appetizer.: July 2014

July 29, 2014

Tiny Tea

I am a total social media whore. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter all the time. I seriously cannot go anywhere or be anywhere without my phone. With that being said, I follow a good amount of people on all of these sites. Facebook is more my personal thing that I use to you know, creep on people I went to high school/college with or my friends that I don't talk as often to. Twitter is more for following bloggers that I'm basically obsessed with because I read their blogs on a religious bases. Pinterst because well why not?!? The site has everything and anything anyone could ever want to eat, make, wear, pretend to workout and places we will most likely never travel to. And then I get to Instagram...this is my biggest issue. Biggest issue because I check this damn thing about 100 times a day. Can you say PROBLEM!?!

Well since I'm sure you girls (and guys) have noticed that I got through spurts of being healthy and then eating all of the bad foods that ever existed. Therefore, I follow a lot of "healthy Instagram" accounts. Which brought me to YourTea. Can I please tell you how obsessed I have become with this!?!

I check their Instagram account daily. I love that they post before and after pictures, quotes and beach pictures. I highly recommend following them, I mean they do have over 388K followers for a reason, just sayin :)

I ordered my tea on a late Tuesday and by Friday morning it was at my door, literately. It was such quick delivery, and I really liked the tracking on the package.

I walked in the door and tore the package open to find this super cute box that holds 28 days worth of tea that has to be consumed 3 times a day. Also, you are supposed to drink the tea 30 minutes before your meals. Don't worry there are instructions in the box.

The tea packets are individually wrapped and their design is really cute. It's everything I expected and more.

And of course I couldn't wait to try it. I won't lie the first sip was gross, really gross. Then I got used to the taste and now I love it. I drink it 3 times a day before each meal. I'm actually drinking a cup before breakfast as we speak, well type since this is a blog and all. Haha, I crack myself up sometimes, okkkk back to this.

And of course I had to take a selfie of me drinking the tea because I'm cool like that. But really, you have to buy this stuff. It will change your world. I haven't lost weight in the number of pounds that I weigh but I don't think it's supposed to do that. I have noticed that my stomach is much smaller than before, which much the bloat has gone down (thank goodness). I used to drink a lot of coffee before I started drinking this tea and now I don't crave coffee at all and I have energy all day. I just feel all around better after drinking this tea. It's been 12 days since I started drinking this and I'm obsessed. I love the way it makes me feel.

Seriously, you need this tea. 

* I am not affiliated with YourTea and this was not a paid advertisement by them. This was my personal opinion of YourTea. 

Have you ever tried Yourtea?
Do you think you will try this tea?
Do you get bloated?

July 28, 2014

Walnut Wednesday

Yes I know today isn't Wednesday but who cares I love Walnut Wednesday so I wanted to catch everyone up on what it is.

Basically here in downtown Cleveland we have Walnut Wednesday which is on Wednesdays on Walnut street. There are around 10-15 food trucks that come up for it and it's just a huge party during lunch. There's a little park where people can sit and enjoy their amazing food from the food trucks.

Honestly, I don't remember what this food truck was called or what these things were other than that they were amazing! The left are tacos and the right at empanadas....DELICIOUS!

My co-worker Jess getting some amazing cupcakes. I think she had the Strawberry Lemonade ones and she said they were amazing.

Delicious Red Velvet and Salty Caramel Cupcakes. 

Do you have anything like this where you're from?
Do you enjoy sweets?
How do you feel about food trucks?

Tulum, Mexico - Catalonia Royal Tulum

At the end of June I took a trip to Tulum Mexico and let me tell you, it was amazing. When I was younger and in my relationship I very rarely enjoyed going on vacation just with my parents but this trip was different. I think it was different because I'm older now and I appreciate my time with them more. Don't get me wrong, we butt heads sometimes but not as much as we used to.

This post is going to be a picture overload but that's ok because that's how vacations to beautiful places should be. We stayed 9 days and 8 night at Catalonia Royal Tulum which was about an hour and a half drive from the Cancun airport. I will say that it was totally worth the drive. We've stayed in Cancun before and I definitely prefer Tulum over Cancun.

We flew out of the Cleveland airport on a Saturday morning which was nice because the airport wasn't too busy. And we couldn't believe we had a straight flight. Only 3 hours till we landed in Cancun.

I ended up sharing a room with my parents because it was way to expensive for me to have my own room. The room was cool and cozy. But the view was amazing. 

With this view, it felt like we were in the jungle. 

The beach was amazing. The sand was so soft.

Drinks were amazing. Not too strong but not too watered down.

Most nights we dressed up for dinner but some nights were a lot more casual than this.

On 4th of July, the resort had this huge cake and a cookout in celebration. 

Non-Alcoholic fresh fruit smoothies everyday.

The resort had 4 restaurants and a buffet to choose from for dinner. Our favorite was the Italian restaurant.

Momma and I at dinner at the Mexican Restaurant.

These little things were everywhere! They never hurt anyone they were just looking for food. And the found food from my dad. These little suckers scratch really bad. Oh and we had iguanas everywhere too.

Every morning was started by this trio. 

I love this outfit and I received so many compliments on it. 

My favorite activity was laying on the beach or in the hammock and reading this amazing book! I was obsessed with this book before our plane even took off in Cleveland. I will have to do a post all about it if anyone is interested. I very highly recommend it. 

This restaurant looked all cool and all since it was outside and between all of these trees. But the food sucked and we got eaten alive by bugs. Plus its a romantic place....I don't want to be there with mom and dad...no offence. 

The walkway to the beach was amazing. It literately felt like the jungle till you saw the beautiful beach.

We only left the resort once which was to visit the ruins of Tulum. I highly recommend this even if you are only going to stay in Cancun. Definitely make the drive to this place. These were the stairs that were built by the Mayans a long time ago and these stairs are what lead you to the ruins. 

Does this look like a postcard or what!?!?

I think I have become obsessed with the Mayans. Just saying. 

Yep, totally saw down there. And it was amazing. 

Can you believe this building were built by people no taller than me and I'm only 5'3??!?

So glad we went there! It was a trip I will never forget. It was pretty cool because we didn't do a tour. So we took a public form of transportation called a Collectivo from our resort to the ruins and then we just made our way around. It was nice to not be restrained on time plus it was so much cheaper. 

These were the walkways in our resort at night. It was so freaking romantic. I will definitely return with a boyfriend or fiancee or husband. 

They had shows every night but we only went to a few. 

It rained one day. Which was actually really cool to watch the rain come in. 

And I saw one sunrise. 

Cheers to an amazing vacation

And then it was time to come home. 

Back to Cleveland and back to my over 300 work e-mails. 

Have you ever been to Tulum?
Do you like the Mayans?
Do you enjoy vacations with the family?


Alright alright I guess it's time to catch everyone up on what I've been up to. I think it's been a good month since I've posted anything on here but I will say that I do read a lot of blogs even if I don't post on mine. I think that's kinda bad, but I'm spreading the love to everyone else.

Anyways, since the last time I posted...I ran the Electric run, I went to Tulum, Mexico, I slacked off on working out, I ate at food trucks, I turned 24 and two of my best friends had their birthdays as well. So needless to say, I have a lot to post. Now don't get mad that I will be posting like a crazy person for the next few hours because this just needs to happen.

I ran the Electric Run in Cleveland about a month ago. The girls I ran with and I decided to wear tutu's and the electric run shirt. I would like to say that I do love that tutu. Oh and these mirrors in my apartment are the bomb!! 

V came over to get ready together and whatnot before we headed to the run. And my parents were there so they took some pictures for us. I really love these damn tutus. 

Can we please talk about how awesome my dad looks with those glasses!?!? They brought pizza and beer over too so who can say no to that. I know I know I was going to run a 5K probably not the best idea to eat pizza and drink beer before but shit happens.

We were dancing and being kids. 

I wish I still had these glasses! I was obsessed with them but I think I lost them while running...through the MUD. It rained all day and all evening the day of the run. And it was all muddy and gross everywhere but we still ran it and had a blast. 

We were loving the tutus. I totally want to wear mine out again. Would that be weird? Be honest!!

Have you ever ran the Electric Run?
Have you ever ran the Color Run? 
How would you compare the two?
Which was your favorite? 
Would you wear a tutu?!

July 21, 2014

Weekly Wishes - Back to Blogging

I am still alive, I swear! I know I've been super MIA this time. The last time I wrote on here was June 18th, I know I know I'm a terrible blogger but truth be told I blog because I like to write and I blog when I have time. Sorry guys (girls) that I've been so MIA but it is what it is. So I decided to start off my back to blogging post with a Weekly Wishes link up. I figured it would be fitting as one of my wishes is the blog more, I mean to blog in general. 

Weekly Wishes

1 - Pack my lunch 4 times this week for work. I've been eating out a lot and it's not good for my waist line or my checking account. So this week I want to focus on packing my lunch and making food at home. I would do everyday this week but Wednesday's during lunch are usually spent at Walnut Wednesday in downtown Cleveland for the amazing food trucks. 

2 - Workout 3 times this week. I would say to get in the gym 3 times this week, but with this beautiful weather I would rather be outside working out. 

3 - Blog more. Mostly because I kinda really miss you girls (guys) and I miss writing. Life has been so crazy and busy that making time has been hard but I'm willing to work on it. I enjoy reading blogs and I feel so loved when I see that people enjoy reading mine.

The Nectar Collective

What are your weekly wishes?