Our Appetizer.: June 2014

June 18, 2014

Confessional Wednesday

Let's just get right to it because I have some crazy & lame confessions but I really like linking up with Bella over at Dateless In Dallas. Oh if you don't know her and haven't been over to her blog, what the heck are you waiting for?! The girl is awesome, super funny and very relate able (uhh I think it's spelled like that?) which I really like because I enjoy reading things I can relate to. Ok Ok, back to confessions!
Dateless in Dallas
1. I have been totally slacking with blogging. I mean like really slacking. I finally posted a post today about my weekend....and it's WEDNESDAY! I need to get with the program. 

2. I drink too much coffee. And by too much coffee I mean like 2-3 HUGE cups everyday. I always feel like I need more and more and more! Basically I drink it to get through the day because I always have so much work going on. 

3. This e-card goes well with my number 2 and this confession as well. I drink wine. I drink a lot of wine. I drink wine a few times a week. I mean they say wine is good for you, right?

4. I am obsessed with my phone. Basically to the point where I can't go anywhere without it. And whenever a friend calls or texts me and I don't pick up or text back within 5-10 minutes they automatically get super worried about me because they know I'm attached to my phone at all time. 

5. I hate talking on the phone. I mean no, don't call me. 

6. Pick up lines are just so hilarious. Have you read my post about the "Do you take boyfriend applications?"?!

7. I need a vacation. I'm going on one soon and I cannot wait but I need it to be like yesterday. 

8. Scuffing brand new Steve Madden shoes brings me to tears. I bought a new pair of Steve Madden shoes for the wedding I went to on Saturday and I scuffed them. I tried to fix them on Sunday and I got most of the black mark off of them but you can still kinda see it. It. Just. Breaks. My. Heart!

Do you read Bella's blog?
What are your confessions of the week?

Crying & Laughing Memories

This past weekend was spent crying and laughing all while making memories. I would say that since I've been single, I've been trying to keep as busy as I possibly can. My friends have done a great job keeping my schedule full of fun things to do, which I really appreciate.

Friday night was spent at work and then in the kitchen. I know, I'm getting very domesticated (kind of). I had my friend V and I Shrimp Scampi Pasta which was good but next time I need to add more sauce to it, it was kind of dry. The recipe calls for wine over the shrimp while they are cooking and I definitely overcooked the shrimp (per usual) and the wine cooked down too much. I mean we were talking and whatnot, I kind of lost track of my shrimp. After we had our dinner we went to see The Fault In Our Stars. Wow! I highly recommend it, it was so good. There was not one dry eye in the theater.

Saturday was spent shopping for these amazing accessories to go with the cutest dress. Saturday night was spent on the dance floor of an amazing wedding celebrating the love between two amazing people. Let me tell you, while these shoes look super cute  hot, they were so uncomfortable. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't sit down at all or maybe because they were brand new 6 inch heels that weren't broken it yet.

I spent the night along side loved ones and my date. I will definitely vouch that my friends looked pretty smokin' hot. And my date looked pretty handsome as well, it's crazy that I've known this guy since I was like 8 years old. I swear these people know how to party, we barely ate any food but the drinks were going down so easily and our dancing feet just couldn't stop moving.

I adored the dress I wore that night. It was short and flirty but still classy since I wasn't showing too much skin. Another thing I adore is Snapchat, call me crazy but this app is amazing. I loved getting snapchats from friends that were part of the wedding party. I mean Lavi looks pretty damn hot in this and Stoyan cleans up really nice. I cannot believe it's been almost a year since Paula got married, there is nothing better than weddings alongside friends.

Sunday was spent with my family celebrating Father's Day. It was so hot outside that I needed to wear something light and comfy. For Father's Day, I got my dad a funny shirt. He definitely has a sense of humor so this shirt was perfect for him.

Father's Day was spent at a Mexican restaurant since my dad has been wanting to go to one. And then we just went and hung out at home. A very relaxed Father's Day.

How was your weekend? 
Do anything relaxing or special for Father's Day?
Do you ever slack off on your posts on here?

June 10, 2014

Do you take boyfriend applications?

You are probably wondering what the title of this post means, I will get into that in a little. This past weekend was so much fun! I went out way too much and spent way too much money but it was all worth it. I went out to celebrate a bride-to-be with dinner and drinks on Friday and Saturday I went out for one of my best friends birthdays.

There were about 12 girls that went out Friday night to celebrate Raluca getting married! It was a more laid back bachelorrete party since the whole bridal party rented a cabin for a long weekend a few weekends ago. Friday night I wore leather leggings and a black shirt with black heels as well a had a bright blue blazer with me just in case it got chilly. We all had such a blast at dinner and then went out for drinks and dancing downtown. 

So let me explain what happened Saturday night and where the title came from. 

Saturday during the day I had my normal lunch with my parents as we do every Saturday. After lunch I went to get Shannon some birthday presents and ended up buying some stuff for myself too #alwayshappens. Elisha and Shannon came over around 8ish and had some wine, did some gift exchanging and chatted about girl stuff. Elisha and I planned to take Shannon out for her birthday as a surprise because she didn't want anything big. We did dinner on East 4th which was amazing, I swear there is nothing better than good food, good drinks and good friends.

After dinner, we made our way to a Spanish restaurant a few doors down. We had a drink there but it really wasn't our cup of tea for the night. As we walked out, a guy stopped me and asked if we were leaving and I said yes, then he said "If you stay I'll get you a drink." Thanks but no thanks, I'm out with the girls :) 

We made our way to Drop Bar on West 6th as we always do when we want to dance. Upon walking in we same some people we knew, we got some drinks and found our way on the patio. All three of us girls were talking to a good guy friend and then enters Alex, a random stranger with terrible pickup lines.

The conversation went as follows:

Alex: Hi, do you have a lighter?
Me: No, I don't smoke. 
Alex: Oh me either, I borrowed this from that girl so I could talk to you. 
Me: Ahh, nice. 
Alex: So I have a question.
Me: What's up?
Alex: Uhh, do you take applications?
Me: Applications for what? (mind you I knew where he was going with this)
Alex: Applications for a boyfriend.
Me: Ummm no. haha
Alex: You are so darn cute though, and I just want to take you out
Me: Umm, no thank you. 

At this point, he starts talking about himself and what he does (annoying). 

Alex: Can I get your number to take you out sometime?
Me: Uhh....I guess. 
Alex: Do you want the black number or the white number? (He pulled out two iPhones from his pocket)
Me: I don't really care. 
Alex: Ok, 708...
Me: Holding phone in hand, typing phone number.
Alex: Actually let me get your number and I'll call you so you have it. 
Me: Uhh ok. 

Then he starts talking to Elisha and Shannon. While he is talking to Shannon, Elisha and I decide to go to the restroom. After we came back this happened: 

Shannon: Sooo that Alex guy asked me to do him a really big favor.
Me: Ok, what was his favor?
Shannon: He asked me to make sure that Ashley calls him. 
Me: hahahaha Ashley huh
Shannon: Apparently he couldn't remember your name. 

Needless to say, I haven't talked to him nor will I ever talk to him. Maybe Ashley can call him haha. 

How was your weekend?
Have you ever dealt with something like this?

June 6, 2014

On Friday's We Do Work

I know this totally goes against what Friday's should be like but on Friday's we definitely do work. Basically because the whole week we barely get anything done because we are too busy complaining that it's Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. So when Friday rolls around we stay busy and get everything done that we should have gotten done all week. Plus that makes our day go by so much faster. Which means that the weekend gets here faster!

Work has been so insane these last few months. They saying picking up others slack will bring you to the top...wait I just made that up. I just really hope that happens. I've been basically doing my job and another woman's job that is above me. Oh well, it's more experience for me :)

By doing work on Friday's I also mean planning out your weekend. What plans do you have for the weekend? Tonight I'm going out to dinner for a bride-to-be we are doing a hibachi place... yum. Saturday night I am going out for my friends birthday (Happy Birthday Shannon) and Sunday I really have to clean.

What are your Friday's like?
Do you do work on Friday?
What plans do you have for the weekend?

June 4, 2014

Three Quotes For Wednesday

Quote #1) Be You and No One else.
Don't rely on others for any type of support, chances are you can do this on your own. Be the damn Queen of your life and get your shit handled. You don't need a guy to help you financially, emotionally, mentally or anything...well maybe you need help to hang a really big and heavy picture on your wall but that's it. Girl get it together and wear that damn crown.

Quote #2) Quit Fighting for Something That's Not Meant to be
Yes we have all been there, you really want something and it doesn't happen. Well it obviously wasn't meant to be so quit crying about it and worry about the other things in your life. While you might be upset about something that didn't happen your way, move on. What is meant to happen, will happen and what is meant to be, will be. Just have some faith.

Quote #3) Find Love
This hits home, and it might hit home with a bunch of you. One thing I encourage everyone to do is morn the end of a love but then find the courage to find love again. This love can be anything from the love for a family member that might have passed away, the love for a pet, the love for a friend or the love for a significant other. Find the courage to see the good in people and see what you can love in someone else.

June 3, 2014

End of another 31 Days

I cannot believe May is over already. So many changes have happened this month it is absolutely insane. Moving out of my parents house has been one of the biggest changes as well as my relationship being over. Ugh, which reminds me that I need to take time and update this blog...sorry friends.

What you've missed in May:
  • I talked about my what should have been the anniversary of 4 years. You can read all about that in this post titled, Where have I been. I took some time away from my blog to collect my thoughts and basically stop being such an emotional wreck and move on with my life. I also talked about getting the keys to my new apartment which happened in May 1st as well as beginning to decorate the new place.
  • In May linked up with Bella from Dateless in Dallas because she's amazing and I love following her blog. I wrote about about Shit Happens. Basically the post is all about the "shit" that's happened in my life lately. Kind of a funny read if you ask me. 
  • My Holy Moly post is about how I keep going MIA from the blogland because like I've said my life is in limbo a little. While I am trying to get my schedule down pat it's hard. So bare with me.
  • I co-hosted the Weekly Wrap-up with Rachael from The Rachael Way on May 26th and it was amazing! I talked about being a tourist in your own city and I gave a tour of my new apartment! 
  • And I ended the month with a Bloody Nose. I linked up with Bella from Dateless In Dallas and wrote about my most embarrassing dating experience

Memorial Day was spent cooking, drinking and laying by the pool with my friend V. I decided we needed some good drinks to get the day going so I made Hippy Juice. 

Hippy Juice consists of: Watermelon Smirnoff, Coconut Run, Triple Sec, Pink Lemonade mix, water and fresh strawberries. Everything combined = amazingness in a cup.

A few randoms from the later part of May. I believe all of these pictures are taking from May 25 till May 31...according to my iPhone. I need quotes to keep me moving, so I had to post those. I also went on a lot of walks in different parts of Cleveland. I'm working on my arm muscles...I still have a long way to go. I got dinner with my old girl friends from high school and I enjoyed an amazing veggie burger with them. I got my things back from Florida. I searched for vacations for the end of the month....kind of a spur of the moment decision. I got my dining room table....finally. And I went to Little Italy with friends.

May was a good month. It marked my beginning to move on from my past while still embracing everything I've learned from my past. It was filled with more accomplishments than heartbreaks, thank goodness. I spent a lot of time with really good people, one person will be missed greatly. I would say May wasn't the best and not the worst month. The ending was pretty good though, maybe one day I'll tell you about that. And I've learned to believe in myself and to know that I can do the things I put my mind to. I've learned to accept others for who they are and for the decisions they choose to make. 

In a nutshell...Life's Great.

How was your May?
Any accomplishments?
Any heartbreaks?
The best or the worst month so far in 2014?
What have you learned about yourself in May?