Our Appetizer.: Rough Monday Morning

March 10, 2014

Rough Monday Morning

All thanks to this great (jk) time change, getting out of bed this morning was about 100 times harder than any other Monday morning. Yes I know that this means that Summer is coming or something but I still see snow on the ground and I still have to bundle up for my walk to work from the parking lot. I literately was like a zombie this morning, thinking back I don't even remember getting out of bed and getting dressed. I do remember that I was about 40 minutes late getting out of bed this morning which left me with only 15 minutes to get ready, so there will be no pictures posted of myself today because no one wants to see this. 

My (last) week and weekend on the other hand, were much better than my morning. All of last week I was at The Movement Factory getting in as many Barre, Booty Camp, Pilates and Pilates Springboard classes in as possible. My workout classes have been:

Monday : I ran 5 miles at LA Fitness because there were no earlier workout classes at The Movement Factory and I wanted to catch the Bachelor at 8, priorities right haha.
Tuesday : Booty Camp at 6 & Barre Sculpt at 7
Wednesday : Booty Bare at 6
Thursday : Pilates Springboard at 5:30 & Pilates Mat at 6:30
Friday : Booty Barre at 5

Seems like a pretty successful week of workouts if you ask me! Along with working out, work has been busy (lots of Advil for bad headaches) with our even busier season fast approaching. I've been eating lots of salads and other healthy things (Quest bars are ah-mazing) but I've also indulged a little in Caramel Popcorn. Oh and coffee has become by new best friend along with (caffeinated) tea.

This past weekend was good & relaxing, which is always welcomed. 

Friday after Barre, Jessica and I went to this super cute Modern Mexican place in Lakewood called El Carnicero. We enjoyed:
 - guacamole | goat cheese + tomato + chile poblano (v)
 -  salsa chiltomate | charred tomato + chile guajillo (v)
 We also had tamales which were amazing! It was tamales with roasted spaghetti squash, delish!

Saturday night I met up with my girl friends Ana & Lavi. Of course we met at Press Wine Bar, per usual. And then we went to Drop Bar, per usual as well. I love the laughing picture of Lavi and I as well as the cute smiley picture. Her and I take the best pictures, thank goodness for good looking friends! Oh I also had to throw in a selfie because I loved my hair and makeup for Saturday night. 

Sundays are usually No Makeup Sundays hence the selfie. I wear makeup every other day of the week so I figure I should give me skin a break on Sundays. Sundays are usually my hanging out around the house day anyways. This Sunday was different, I spent sometime at The Movement Factory doing a Pilates Springboard class. 

This weekend I also started a new series here on BoardingTogether called How To Deal. My first post in this series is How To Deal with People Who Are Always Late. Check back often for more How To Deal posts, you might relate to some or even all. 

Happy Monday Everyone! 

How was your week?
How was your weekend?
Do you give your skin a break?
Are you trying to get bikini ready?!


  1. My morning had many glimpses of a Keurig :)

  2. k so, pilates springboard? that sounds so neat. i don't think we have anything like that here :(

    1. It was very intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it it's pretty cool. It's very good at toning, which is perfect for getting that bikini body.

  3. Looks like an awesome weekend! Girls nights are the best especially when wine is involved!

    Yup I typically give my skin a rest of Sundays too and any other day that I don't plan to leave the house other than to the store or somewhere quick.

  4. You did so great working out every weekday! I have been slacking and it shows, but I did finally workout today for the first time in awhile.

  5. I like your no make-up Sunday! I am a bit different- I wear less makeup during the week (foundation, setting powder, blush, and fill in my eyebrows). I also do not straighten or curl my hair during the week. During the weekend, I do everything.

    It is very interesting to see that other people out there wear varying degrees of makeup during the week or weekend! I thought I was the only one! :)