Our Appetizer.: May 2014

May 28, 2014

Bloody Nose

I follow a ton of blogs but only actually read a good handful of them, one being Bella's Dateless in Dallas blog. I love her blog because it's so raw, real and funny. When I heard about her link-up about dating confessions, I knew I had to share my story. Now I haven't been on a lot of bad first dates (thank goodness) but I do have a really embarrassing date to share.

When I was in high school I met a guy named Phil (not real name). Phil and I saw each other at every football game, every lunch and almost everyday at school. Mind you, I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. I thought Phil was so cute, he was my first real crush. We started running into each other more and we ended up having a few friends in common. So needless to say, we ended up starting to hang out in group settings. One day, he called and asked me to go out to dinner with him. I was so excited to go out on my first date that I started planning my perfect outfit.

The day had come to go on the date with Phil and I couldn't be more excited. He came to pick me up from my house...you know since he was a sophomore and finally had his license. We ended up going to Red Robin for burgers and fries. We sat down at our two person booth and we started talking about what high school kids talk about on a first date. We both ordered our burgers and fries and we kept talking and talking.

Once our food came, I started to get really nervous all of the sudden. So I picked up my burger and took a bite. Well on my right hand I felt a cold liquid so I put the burger down. Long be hold, I got a bloody nose on my first date while eating my burger because I was so nervous. I excused myself right away and ran to the bathroom. I called my mom and told her that I got a bloody nose and I didn't know what to do so I just started crying because I was so embarrassed. After about 15 minutes in the bathroom trying to stop the bleeding, I finally showed my face again at the table. I was so embarrassed that I got a bloody nose that I could barely finish the rest of my burger.

Believe it or not, Phil and I dated for about 3 years after this terrible date and we used to joke about it all the time. I'm sure if I ran into him now we would probably joke about it again.

Dateless in Dallas

May 26, 2014

During lunch, lets be tourist in our own city

I am so excited to be co-hosting my first Weekly Wrap Up with two of my favorite bloggers and I actually met one of them this past week. Therefor, this Weekly Wrap Up holds a special place in my heart. This past week has been amazing. I've been spending time with amazing friends and spending a lot of time at my apartment which is starting to feel more and more like home. 

The week started with being a tourist on our own city during our lunch break. V and I met up for Chipotle for lunch and then walked around downtown Cleveland. It was so nice and relaxing to get out of the office and actually enjoy the weather.

This past week I got together with Rachael from The Rachael Way. We met a B Spot which is a Michael Symon restaurant in the Cleveland area. It's more of a burger place than his normal upscale places. While we both enjoyed the Fun Guy burger we both also thought it was strange how they didn't have ranch and we couldn't substitute a veggie patty for a normal burger patty. I mean come on, what American restaurant doesn't have ranch!? The other night my parents came over to my new apartment with pizza and beer. It was so nice to have them over. 

Here are some quick pictures of my apartment. I adore the fireplace but I need more decorations. I am not the biggest fan of the color purple but I fell in love with the couch so I had to purchase it. I ran into a few issues with the original couch not being able to fit through the door of the apartment so I had to purchase the loveseat instead of the couch. My TV is amazing, I love it. I think the best part of my apartment is my bedroom, I love my headboard and I am so glad I found something made from leather. I had to add in that quote just because moving out of my parents house has been a great step for me and I know there are some people that think I shouldn't have moved out. Basically from now on I'm doing what makes me happy, I don't care what others think. Life is too short to worry about others opinions. 

I love spending time on my balcony with coffee in hand and reading blogs. My bedroom needs a little decorating but the bedroom set is out of this world. I love my TV stand, a cute someone helped me put it together. And my view from the balcony isn't too bad. I'm like 10 feet from the pool which is a huge plus :) 

Hope everyone enjoyed their week! Now I have to go make some adult drinks, put on my bikini and hit the pool!

I wanna hear about your week. 
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The Rachael Way

May 21, 2014

Holy Moly

I cannot believe it's been this long 
AGAIN since I posted. 
Slacker at its finest. 

Changes galore happening and going to happen. My blog needs a boost, it needs a boost of me and my personality.  Future changes that will happen include but are not limited to:

Changing my blog name
Updating my blog design
Removing the "About us" page 
Adding to Travels page
Posting more

But before those changes happen, I need to finish decorating my apartment because I am so excited to show you guys how everything came together. I have one word to describe my apartment thus far, perfection

Every piece of furniture, every cup and plate, every glass of wine drank there so far and every memory made in that little 1 bedroom apartment have been perfection. 

So bare with me till I get the rest of my apartment together and then I can focus on cleaning up this blog. 

May 14, 2014

Shit Happens

This post just needs a really silly picture because well...shit happens

I usually link up with my confessions for Wednesdays and I still am today but I'm turning this post into a post about all the shit that's happened. No filter. No regrets. No nothing, but shit that's happened.

As a bunch of you know, I am newly single...shit happens. And if you didn't know that I'm newly single well then get with the program. This word "single" means a lot of things to me right now. It means alone, which isn't a bad thing because I haven't been "single" in about 4 years. It means the freedom to be as silly, boring, crazy, lame, annoying, or whatever else I want to be. "Single" also means that the ex didn't see me as good enough, which sucks to be him because I personally think I'm pretty freaking great.
But like I said...shit happens. 

One of the things that I find the most disrespectful thing on the face of this planet is when someone ignores me. Just flat out does not reply to text messages, return phone calls, ignores me on social media. Well those things have happened this week, past weekend and last week...but shit happens

I find it really funny and interesting how as soon as my ex and I broke up his ex (ex) girlfriend has been all over his social media sites. For the four years that him and I were together she knew to stay away fairly well, but now that him and I are broken up she's everywhere. Hmm, I wonder how she found out that him and I broke up (we didn't post it all over Facebook or anything). All I gotta say about this is that he threw a diamond for a stone and shit happens

A few weeks ago a few girl friends and I went to Pittsburgh for a concert. I tried a new look and I think it looked great. The shoes were a little rough after drinking way too much alcohol, as in I fell a few too many times but shit happens. Oh and I made the terrible mistake of calling my ex bawling my eyes out because I was drunk and emotional. Totally shouldn't have done that but shit happens.

I am slowly moving into my new apartment which I am beyond happy about. I've been paying rent since May 1st and only stayed there one night...shit happens. I adore the apartment and the furniture I picked out, it's so girly and modern. I will be posting pictures of it when I'm closer to getting it done. 

I went to Value City to purchase furniture and only wanted to spend at most $3,000 for a bedroom set, dining room table with 4 chairs, a sofa and a new mattress. I walked out of there spending $3,500 but like I've been saying...shit happens. I had my furniture delivered on Saturday, everything was great till they got to getting the couch in the apartment. Well the darn couch wouldn't fit because the door is a crazy angle and there's a wall in the way. So I had to send the couch back, shit happens. I'm getting the same couch just the smaller loveseat on Friday, it better fit because I am in love with the sofa if not....well then shit happens.

I've been so MIA from blogland because life is crazy and shit happens. I will get better once I'm all settled into my new place and have internet there. Till then bare with me, I promise things will get better around here!

Lavi is totally going to kill me for posting this picture but shit happens :) But I think this picture is cute and funny. Come on peeps, who loves out glasses!?

Dateless in Dallas
The Hump Day Blog Hop

May 6, 2014

Where Have I Been

I cannot believe it has been 6 days since my last post. I have really been slacking with posting. My bad, life has been like a crazy roller coaster ride. A few  lot of new changes going on in my life and I am trying to embrace them as positively as I can.

Pictures from the start, almost every vacation and some of the best memories
Today is the 6th of May. Today marks what would have been 4 years with My Guy. Today should have been an extremely happy day. Today should have been filled with love, laughter and happiness. Instead, today is filled with work, a trip to the Apple Store to get a new phone and lots of wine to take the pain away.

One really exciting thing that happened is that I got my keys to my new apartment!! I've been wanting to move out of my parents house for some time now. I just want to see what I'm capable of doing on my own. I'll be posting pictures of my apartment once I get furniture. I've been trying to think positive thoughts these past few weeks and finding little quotes really helps. I found that amazing pair of shoes at Kohl's and I think my mom ordered them for me since they didn't have my size in store.

I'm a huge wine bar lover. I adore going to different wine bars and trying new appetizers & wine. I just love the atmosphere of wine bars and people are always so friendly. On Friday I met up with my friend Lavi at The Rock River Wine Bar for some appetizers and wine. We shared a flatbread and calamari as well as some wine. On Saturday, I met my friend Viorica for some pizza and wine at Humble Wine Bar. We shared a chicken and artichoke pizza. I'm usually not a fan of artichokes but they were amazing on that pizza. Plus it was really nice to sit outside. Saturday night I wore leather leggings for the first time and they were so comfy! I wore black leather leggings with a light blue button down and a white blazer.

So I might be going MIA again because I have so much work to get done at work and I have so many things I need to get done for the apartment. I promise to post about my apartment once I get everything delivered!

How have you been?
Do you like wine bars?
What is your favorite kind of wine?
Have you ever worn leather leggings?
Where do I get cute decorations for my apartment?