Our Appetizer.: Washington Weekending

November 3, 2014

Washington Weekending

I'm a little behind but I really wanted to blog about the fantastic weekend I had two weekends ago (Oct 24-26). My man friend and I drove from Cleveland to Washington DC to celebrate one of his friends 30th birthday. Let me tell you, it was one of the best weekend getaways I've ever had. 

No makeup, no problem. 
My parents live 10 minutes away from I live. My dad is a truck driver so he is always on the road (obviously) so Friday morning he called me to ask how traffic normally is on the highway I take to work. Usually traffic on I-90 East is crazy, literally doing 10-15 mph and it takes forever to get to work...anyways. Once we got on the road, I called my dad to see where he was and he was only a mile behind us. So of course, I wanted my man friend to slow down so my dad could catch up to us. It was so cute, we had the most perfect sunrise and we got to see my dad on the highway. 

Told you it was the most perfect sunrise 
We picked up one of his friends on the way. Once we were on the road to DC we were all so excited to be on our way and for the weekend ahead. We stayed at a really nice hotel, Grand Hyatt Washington DC. The location was perfect, the staff was great (they gave me free wifi, nothing makes me happier than free wifi), the room was nice, overall it was a great choice. 

Grand Hyatt Washington DC lobby.
I ended up doing the Hotwire Secret Hotel price. It was my first time doing this but it worked out really well. Basically, you pick the area that you want your hotel in, the star rating and what ever price that star rating is for. Once you book, they show you what hotel you got. We paid 159.99$ a night when the hotel was really 234$ a night. We got an awesome deal. 

Dinner the first night was amazing
He is such a looker!
I didn't realize how much walking people do in DC, but my feet started hurting and I messed up my Red Bottoms a little :( And I am happy to say that I took my first public transportation in the United States!! I was a happy girl!

This is where the night gets fuzzy. Now I'm not an alchy but I barely ate all day and we started drinking as soon as we got to the hotel (3pm). Needless to say, 5 drinks later and 3 shorts later I was feeling pretty ... wasted. I mean like white girl wasted. Like I was dancing with my hand waving in the air and singing like I wrote every song. Embarrassing. The next day I couldn't get out of bed till like noon because I was so hungover. But then I told myself to get it together and just get out of the hotel room. We did a lot of walking, about 8 miles in total on Saturday from noon till 6 pm. 

Selfie with Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson fun 
We kind of became pros at selfies
There are a lot of places I love in DC. One of my favorite museums is the Holocaust, so we had to visit that museum. It so sad but so real. It really puts everything into perspective of what these people went through. Honestly, things that most of us could not get through. My absolute favorite monument is Lincoln. Mostly because he is one of my favorite founding fathers and his monument is fantastic. 

We sat on the steps of Lincoln and just took in the amazing view and talked. There is nothing better than sightseeing with your best friend and just talking for hours another everything and nothing at all.

Once in a lifetime kind of friend.
The World War II memorial is so pretty. And of course we loved the Ohio sign. 

Since I picked the Holocaust museum, my man friend had to pick a museum to visit. Thank goodness he picked the Air and Space museum because that place is out of this world! I am a wierdo and I love planes I think they are amazing. So this was right up my alley. I was like a kid in a candy store. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner and that a few random bars. Dinner was amazing, I highly recommend Mesa 14, it was so good. 

My face looks jacked up in this picture
All in all, this was one of the best weekend getaways I've ever had. My man friend is winning major brownie points! 

Have you ever been to DC?
What are your favorite places to visit?
How many brownie points should he win?


  1. Sounds like it was a really great weekend getaway!! DC is always so much fun, now you have me itching to go back again!

    1. Thanks! We had a blast. I cannot wait to go back, plus the deal we got on that hotel was amazing.

  2. You look gorgeous, and your man isn't so bad either ;) Glad you're doing well, miss ya lady!

    1. Thanks girl!!! I love reading about your journey in China.