Our Appetizer.: Yesterday = Start

November 5, 2014

Yesterday = Start

I am a vacation whore so I try to go on vacations a few times a year. I love laying on the beach, getting some rays, sipping on drinks and just forgetting about the world. Within the last few years I've been to :

Cruise : Miami, Grand Cayman, Belize, Honduras, Cozumel
Myrtle Beach
Cancun, Mexico
Negril, Jamaica
Tampa, Florida
Cruise to the Bahamas
Clearwater, Florida
Finger Lakes, NY
Orlando, Florida
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Tulum, Mexico

And this time for Christmas we will be spending it back in Punta Cana!! We are going for 11 days to Punta Cana to stay at RIU Bambu. I'm not thrilled about the resort but it's a vacation that includes: sun, drinks, fun, friends and family.

So now that the vacation is planned, I really need to get in shape and lose this 20 pounds. I keep gaining weight and I wasn't sure why till I actually sat down to think about it. I eat too much during the day (breakfast burrito, King size Kit-Kat bar, lunch, oatmeal, coffee...) and that's just while I'm at work. When I get home, I just munch on random things and not really have dinner. Oh and lets not forget about the alcohol. 

Yesterday was the start of eating clean and working out. I have proposed to myself to eat meals, smaller more frequent meals. And actually have some sort of dinner and not just munch on random things. Also, I need to get my butt in the gym. Cardio all the way peeps!

How do you get motivated to lose weight?
Any tips you have for me to lose weight?
Have you ever visited any of the places I've been to?
What is your favorite vacation stop?
HELP ME GET IN SHAPE!! (that's my pathetic cry for help!)


  1. Ohhh these pictures! I guess I could consider myself a vacation whore as well. I just got back from my most recent cruise to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau. It was glorious. A little jealous about Christmas in Punta Cana. Have a fruity drink for all of us left behind in the cold and dreary weather! :)

    1. OH MY GOSH!!! Your cruise sounds amazing! I cannot wait for vacation and those amazing drinks, but first I need to get my butt in shape.