Our Appetizer.: It's Friday, thank goodness!

November 14, 2014

It's Friday, thank goodness!

Welcome to Cleveland, I mean welcome to the freaking snow blizzard capital of the United States. I cannot believe how much snow we have gotten! Yesterday I got home from work and parked my car outside, like I normally do. My trusty little weather app said there was a 40% chance of snow. In my mind, that means no snow. Ok fine, maybe like a little dusting. I look outside a about 2-3 hours later, and my car is COVERED. I mean like 4-5 inches of snow. Really trusty weather app, only 40% chance of snow....liar.

I guess this is going to force me to use the parking garage I pay for...that I haven't used yet. Wish me luck parking in there without my man's friend help.

Anyways, lets get onto my favorites! 


My absolute favorite song right now. Such a good beat, perfect for Fridays.


I love this, I found it on Pinterest. I just don't know where to buy it from. 


This warm honey fig dip with blue cheese and garlic pitas looks amazing! I think I'm going to try to make it this weekend. You can find the pin here!


This weekend we are celebrating my longest and best friends' birthday! She's a blonde and I'm a brunette, I cannot wait to celebrate with her! Come by next week to see fun pictures from our night out.


I CANNOT WAIT FOR VACATION!! Punta Cana here I come again! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!! 
Thank goodness it's FRIDAY!!!!


  1. I'm am so jealous of your upcoming vacation!! It's going to be so great and yay for a girls weekend celebration!! Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I cannot wait for vacation! We are actually staying at a resort right next door to where we stayed last time, so I know the resort will be nice! Have a great weekend girl :)

  2. I was just in Cleveland last week for business and I couldn't believe how cold it was! And don't you just hate when you see something on Pinterest but can't find the source? Have a good weekend!


    1. How did you like Cleveland? I swear it went from 60s to like 30s and snowing within a week.

  3. You are going to LOVE Punta Cana!! My favorite vacation spot. ever. Where are you staying? The beaches and resorts are gorgeous!

    1. We went to Punta Cana in the summer of 2013 and it was a blast. We are staying at Riu Bambu, I know it's not the nicest but it will do. Last time we stayed at Riu Palaca Macao which is right next door to where we are staying now and it was amazing.

  4. How did you get so much snow!? I'm so jealous!

    1. I think we got around 4-5 inches. It's still snowing now but it stopped over the weekend. It's awesome but it sucks at the same time. It's so cold and wet haha