Our Appetizer.: A wedding and Mother's Day

May 12, 2015

A wedding and Mother's Day

This past weekend was jam packed again with different commitments. Don't get me wrong, I love being busy and having a lot of plans but sometimes a girl just wants to hang out by the pool with a fruity drink in hand. That might be too much to as for, but hey a girl can dream!

Friday after work I met up with a couple girl friends for happy hour. Of course I didn't take any pictures because I forgot. I was so consumed in our conversations that I totally forgot to take pictures. On my way to happy hour I was having a mental conversation with myself reminding my to take pictures so I could post them. Oh well, better luck next time I guess. I had to make sure that I got Mother's Day cards for A's mom, A's sister and my mom. I also got my A's mom and sister tulips because they were so darn cute. A and I ordered my mom flowers to be delivered and let me tell you....we were extremely disappointed in what she received. You be the judge of these flowers....please tell me what you think.

This is what we ordered:

And this is what she got:

Do you think I have the right to complain?

Saturday morning I woke up early to get ready for A's twins wedding. I had to get all dolled up and then drive for an hour to A's moms house. Let me tell you, driving in 80 degree weather in a tight lacey dress is hot and pretty freaking uncomfortable...but hey anything to look good...right? I swear when it was cold out I complained because it was too cold now that it's hot out I complain because it's too hot.

A and his mom.
Now again on Saturday I was really bad at taking pictures so this is seriously the only picture I have from the wedding. It was a short and sweet wedding. A few family and close friends, just enough to celebrate the marriage between the bride and groom. I do however have one selfie of A and I.

We all had our own opinions about the wedding. I will say that A's mom and I shared a special bond because we were both thinking the exact same thing. There were times that we could basically read each others minds without saying one word. I think I fit in with his family pretty well. 

After the wedding we went back to A's sisters house to hang out and have a fire. It was so nice to just relax around the fire with a couple drinks in hand and listen to stories from A's childhood. I swear his family and friends are pretty amazing people. 

Now Sunday is where I really being sucking at taking pictures. Can you believe I didn't take one picture on Mother's Day? I really really need to get better at this! Sunday morning we took A's mom out for breakfast before we drove up to Cleveland. It was really nice to take her out and listen to her tell stories about her late husband. I swear I get goosebumps every time her or A talk about him. After breakfast we drove up to Cleveland to have brunch with my parents. I made reservations at a nice restaurant and ended up disappointed. I freaking paid almost $250 for 4 buffets and three drinks....talk about a ripoff. I get the food was pretty gourmet but not that gourmet. Definitely could have went without that hole in my wallet. 

Watching the Cavs win at the last second on Sunday evening was amazing! A and I just relaxed at my apartment for the rest of the day. 

Note to self, next Mother's Day I should just do something at home or at my parents house. I would be so much more fun and about a quarter of the price. 

How was your Mother's Day?
Have you ever been taken aback by the brunch bill?
How do you get along with your significant others family?


  1. Wow those flowers... Are a toats disappointment. :( I would call and complain, don't make the picture different than what you are sending.

    As for the brunch bill I haven't had that yet, but I'm sure for my moms birthday I will. For Mother's Day I didn't take many pictures either only when I went to an MLS game. Oops!

    From what I can see of the dress I love it! And you look super pretty❤️

  2. Yikes, I think Pro Flowers might have dropped the ball on that one. AND... about that brunch bill, $50 a head, plus drinks... I hope it was good!!! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Cut the stems down and they will look much better once they're finished blooming <---- flower expert.

  4. Wow, what a busy weekend! Those flowers are definitely disappointing. Hosting something yourself for Mother's Day is a great option to save money.