Our Appetizer.: Cheers to the weekend - First weekend of 2015

January 5, 2015

Cheers to the weekend - First weekend of 2015

Talk about a great first weekend in 2015! You can read all about ringing in 2015 here but right now lets talk about this first weekend :) Linking up with Biana as usual!


Friday night was spent inside with A. We got a bunch of appetizers and were watching the movie Flight when all of the sudden my parents knocked on the door. Everything was great and everything minus the fact that A wasn't wearing a shirt! I swear nothing was going on just that he always takes his shirt off. God knows what my parents were thinking. 

They came over with pizza and we supplied the wine. A was feeling a little awkward so he kept on talking and talking and drinking a little too much wine. A ended up leaving before my parents left and my dad made a comment of "wow he likes to drink". I'm getting frustrated because my parents never like any guy I bring around, they always have some comment to make. Yes A is very American and yes my parents are very Romanian, but I'm both. So I don't know how to go about this. Any suggestions? 


Saturday night A and I went out for appetizers and drinks a bunch of different places. Our first stop was Press Wine Bar, which is one of my favorite places in Cleveland. I wish I would have a picture of the food we had but I was too into the conversation to snap a picture. 

The second place we went was Lolita which is a great Michael Symon restaurant. We ordered wine and the eggplant dip, both were amazing. The atmosphere and decor inside are to die for!

Stop 3 was on accident. We were on our way to The Flying Fig and ended up next door. Next door was The Market Avenue Wine Bar. A little wine bar that only serves beers and wine, no food. It was so cute and the people working were so nice. We were able to taste a bunch of wines before making our final choice. 

Stop 4 was the most entertaining. We stopped at 87 West right by where we both live. Now let me tell you about 87 West. This is where A and I had our first date which was awful!!! Like the worst date anyone could ever have. Let me know if you want a post about it. Man oh man it's a story that will never get old for me to tell. Well at 87 West used to work a guy I went on a date with. A guy I met on freaking Tinder of all places. Yes now I know Tinder is for hookups but at the time I didn't. My date with this guy was awful. He showed up with a black eye, got drunk, was telling me about his "amazing" ex girlfriend and later I found out he has a criminal record. Needless to say I ignored texts from him ever since. And now I was face to face with him. A and I sat at the bar and this guy is now the manager of 87 West. Oh the glory of awkward moments. 


Sunday was a chill and relaxing day. Went to my parents for breakfast and then met up with Carson for bloody marys. It's nice catching up with good friends. Her and I don't get to spend that much time together anymore. After that I went to Target to find a plastic bin for all of my Christmas decorations. Talk about not being able to find a darn lid to the bin. After about an hour of searching I finally found a bin with a lid! Oh and as always instead of just purchasing the bin, I also purchased 50$ of stuff that I really don't need. Damn you Target. 

The rest of the evening was spent taking down Christmas decorations, cleaning and doing laundry. A good was to spend Sunday evening with A. 

Now back to reality. Back to work and my normal schedule. This evening will consist of paying bills, rent, going to my parents, doing more laundry and of course the bachelor! 

How was your weekend? 
Are you excited for the Bachelor?
When do you take down your decorations?
Want to hear the story about A & I's first date


  1. All of those places look fun! That eggplant dip and wine looks amazing! Your Monday sounds a lot like mine, back to reality!

  2. looks like such a fun weekend!! Don't worry about your parents not being 100% on A yet, or who knows maybe they are and just aren't showing it - they'll warm up to him as long as he makes you happy!! And yes to the Bachelor - definitely watched!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston