Our Appetizer.: Weekender - Relaxation to the Max

September 29, 2014

Weekender - Relaxation to the Max

I've been a little MIA so I have two weeks to share with you good people. Weekend number 1 which was not this weekend but last weekend was fab. I didn't do anything but catch up on Scandal and relax. What's better than that after some crazy work!?

I told my man friend that all I want to do is watch Scandal and relax. So what does he do? He takes all of the pillows off of my couch and my blanket to make a little seating area on my patio. The weather was beautiful and we had finally finished my lights (which you can't see because they are above where I took the picture from). He brought out our bottle of wine, a fall candle and his iPad so we could watch Scandal. It was so cute and sweet of him. 

On Saturday, I went to my parents house to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Can you believe that 25 years!?! I hope one day I have a marriage and love like them. They didn't want to do anything crazy so we just had lunch and some champagne. 

My man friend was gone the rest of the weekend so I just stayed in Saturday night, which was much needed. I love staying in to just relax alone. 

Top: Express  Bottoms: American Eagle (old). Shoes: JcPenny's Bag: Michael Kors

Sunday was a lazy day at my parents house but I felt like dressing up. I love blues and white together. And no, I don't care about the "fashion rule" don't wear white after Labor Day. Who came up with that rule!? I'm a rebel and don't follow rules well. Follow me on Instagram for more girly things and fun outfits. 

Do you enjoy relaxing weekends?
What do you do to celebrate anniversaries?
What fashion rules do you break?
Do you follow me on Instagram!?

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