Our Appetizer.: The Current

September 15, 2014

The Current

Wow has work and life been crazy! Everything has gotten so out of hand at work and in my personal life it's insane. Everything has been none stop and there have been some consequences for all of this nonsense. First let me tell you what I've been up to since Friday during the day when I was ready to have a mental breakdown, hence this post. I didn't leave work till like 7-7:15 on a Friday night...now that's dedication

I made soup and it was amazing. You can find the recipe here. It's tomato, spinach and tortellini aka amazing, delicious and healthy.  

Selfie at my parents house. I had to, I love their mirror. 

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I started reading this book and it's amazing! I could not put it down. I will probably spend every afternoon reading this book. And I will probably be lame and stay in Saturday just to read this book. Nerd alert everyone.

My man friend and I went to our friend's apartment to watch the Browns game. And they WON! Who would have thought that they were going to win!?! I mean this hasn't happened in years that they won their first home game of the season. 

Can I just move into this apartment? Check out their view, it's amazing. And this apartment place has a rooftop as well. 

So since life has been so crazy I've been doing the following:

- Gaining weight. Dude I freaking put on like 8-10 pounds. I cannot believe this is happening. I really need to get my butt in gear and lose this weight. I feel awful about myself.

- My hair has been falling out like no other. I honestly have no idea what to do with it anymore. Yes, I wear my extensions often because I love the length and volume I get with them. But my hair is thinning so bad. I got a really good trim (like 3 inches off) to get all the dead off, but when I washed it today it's still falling out. I really want to try viviscal, has anyone tried it?

- I'm broke. Well not broke broke but I've been spending money on stupid things. Like eating out all the time because I don't pack lunches. Or going out and drinking too much (hence the weight gain).

- Not sleeping enough. I feel like I'm always on edge because I don't sleep enough. 

What's been going on with you?
Tell me what's new?
Have you been gaining weight?
Do you drink too much?
Is your hair thinning?
Have you ever heard or taken viviscal?
Help me out sistas!

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  1. The view from that apt is amazing!!! I feel ya on the money - it's hard to keep it in check when there is food to be eaten and pretty things to buy LOL, but seriously - I think once you figure out a meal plan, you'll notice your body bounce back as well!

    1. I know that view is so nice. I need to get back on track, I feel like a tub of lard. I know that I don't look much different than before but I feel so gross.

  2. Eeesh, I've been putting on the pounds as well!! It's the wine for me!!! And the salt as well... and the sugar... and the carbs!! As you can see I need a total overhaul!!!

    1. Yes, it's the wine and the pumpkin beer for me. As well as eating late because well why not!?! ughhhhh I need to stop this nonsense.

  3. Beautiful view! Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me!

    1. Yeah, their view is pretty amazing. I love going over there.

  4. THAT SOUP! I've been eyeing that book, too. It's perfect book/soup weather fo' SHO!

  5. Have you ever tried biotin vitamins? Ive been taking them for 2 months now and I notice a difference in my hair. It's growing faster and seems thicker.