Our Appetizer.: Cheers to the Weekend

September 29, 2014

Cheers to the Weekend

So that was the last weekend of September. I cannot believe on Wednesday it will be October, people this year has flown by! Who agrees with me?

I have an announcement to make. Is everyone listening reading? Hello, you there...are you reading this? Ok now that I have your undivided attention. With the end of the month nearing, I want to host a linkup to recap the month. I know we always recap the week, but lets recap the month.

In this link up, you will:

  • Recap your month. Give me the raw details or just a simple summary, your choice. 
  • Also, give me the good, the bad and the ugly of your year thus far.
I will post the link up on Wednesday at 12:01 AM. I would appreciate it if you spread the word about this link up and use this button. Who's ready for October?! Grab this button and share this Fall link up.
My Appetizer.

Ok now on to my Weekend link up with some of my favorite bloggers.

This past weekend, my man friend and I went to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland, Press Wine Bar. You can read more about Press here . And then we had some drinks on East 4th street.

Saturday was spent with my parents most of the day and Saturday night I had some friends over to watch The Ohio State football game. I'm a lame person and didn't take any pictures. I know huge blogger fail, but I'm trying to get better. 

Sunday was a lazy day. My man friend got him and I breakfast from Bob Evans = Delicious. Then we went to V's house for a little, of course I don't have any pictures of any of this. But then we went shopping. And my good old man friend loves to take candid pictures of me. 

Smelling candles. 
Looking at phone cases.
And then we bought a puzzle. We kept talking about doing a huge puzzle together so we bought one. It was on clearance at Barnes and Nobles so why not. I will tell you why not, because it's 1,000 pieces and we didn't get very far last night. This is going to take forever. 

And then I went to my parents house for dinner. Of course we had to have champagne , because well why not? It was Sunday so why not celebrate a good dinner with good people. 

Tell me all about your weekend. Did you relax or did you go out? Did you do things just because? Have you ever done a 1,000 piece puzzle? Do you have any tips for us of how to complete this puzzle? Will you link up with me on Wednesday of the month wrap up?


  1. Love the new link-up idea!! I'll definitely join in!! You and your man friend look mighty good together!! :)

    1. Thanks! and I hope you link up! I'm going to try to do it every month, as a month recap with the best, worst and craziest. My man friend is pretty good looking and such a sweetheart but just a friend.

  2. Replies
    1. Haha thanks! He's pretty good looking and a big sweetheart but just a friend.

  3. Because let's be honest...ANY time is a good time for champagne :)

  4. Looks like a fun night out with the man friend and sounds like the perfect sunday with your parents!

  5. Ohhhh girl I get super competitive with puzzles....we always break them out around the holidays with my family!