Our Appetizer.: Walnut Wednesday

July 28, 2014

Walnut Wednesday

Yes I know today isn't Wednesday but who cares I love Walnut Wednesday so I wanted to catch everyone up on what it is.

Basically here in downtown Cleveland we have Walnut Wednesday which is on Wednesdays on Walnut street. There are around 10-15 food trucks that come up for it and it's just a huge party during lunch. There's a little park where people can sit and enjoy their amazing food from the food trucks.

Honestly, I don't remember what this food truck was called or what these things were other than that they were amazing! The left are tacos and the right at empanadas....DELICIOUS!

My co-worker Jess getting some amazing cupcakes. I think she had the Strawberry Lemonade ones and she said they were amazing.

Delicious Red Velvet and Salty Caramel Cupcakes. 

Do you have anything like this where you're from?
Do you enjoy sweets?
How do you feel about food trucks?


  1. None of the food trucks come out to University Circle- so I barely have had any this year! Makes me sad!!! So good!

    1. They are all so good! Jess and I want to make it a goal to try most if not all of them this summer. We've gone to Walnut Wednesday during lunch every Wednesday since it started...other than last Wednesday because the weather was bad. Try to get out there girl, it's so good.