Our Appetizer.: They met, they laughed, they cried & they got rejected...

January 7, 2014

They met, they laughed, they cried & they got rejected...

I'm sure you all know that last night was the season premier of The Bachelor and let me tell you, Juan Pablo is one good looking man (kind of). I love the show because it's so dramatic in some areas and so corny in others but it just warms me up inside when a man speaks so highly and nice about women. I also really love the fact that a man can actually open up and express his feelings (real or not) unlike some men that say that men don't express their feelings. A few years ago I would always ask My Guy why he never tells me how he feels and why he lacks doing sweet things sometimes....his response was "guys don't do that". Well he learned really quick that guys really do that. Props to him for learning! 

Anyways, back to the bachelor. 

Every Monday my mom and I curl up on the couch and watch the newest bachelor show. We always try to guess who is going home next. My favorites were:
I can't believe that drama had started already! Every girl was trying to get a one on one time with him and the girls who weren't getting the one on one time were not very happy. Well they should try a little harder. Get out of your comfort zone! And I cannot believe Sharleen got the first rose. Yes she is cute and her dress was amazing but you could tell she really wasn't into him. In my opinion, if she wasn't 100% about getting the rose then she shouldn't have accepted it. She took the spot of a girl that really wanted to stay there.
The girls that went home last night plus Sharleen crossed off because she'e mentally not there since she really didn't want to accept the first impression rose. The good part about the girls that went home is that Lauren H. was just a hot mess, crying about her past and her "insecurities" give me a break girl. You should have never signed up for this show if you were so "insecure" and obviously not over your ex. Another good pick for going home last night was Valerie because she thought she was all that. I just wish Sharleen would have went home and Alexis would have stayed. 

At least two of my favorite girls are still there! 
What did you think of the premier?
Who are your favorites?
Who did you want to go home?
Do you think it was right for Sharleen to accept the rose even though she wasn't 100% interested in him?

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