Our Appetizer.: Rockin the runway

January 7, 2014

Rockin the runway

That's how I felt this morning while rockin' my pea coat, heels and creepy old men staring. It has been super cold in Cleveland. I mean so cold that the casino closed....when was the last time you saw a casino closed?! 
The temperature yesterday. Pay attention to the clock to see how fast the temperature dropped.
I normally don't wear my long pea coat to work but these past few days I've had to. It's felt like the North Pole in Cleveland. 
Coat : Victoria's Secret (here) Pants: Kohls (super old) Scarf: H&M (London)

How are you keeping warm?
Is it this cold where you are?
Am I just being a baby about this weather?!


  1. I'm in love with that pea coat! I may have to go purchase it. I'm short and curvy though, would it make me look shorter, do you think?

    I'm in Atlanta and it's the coldest it has been since the 80's! The windchill is less than 0, which is crazy! Luckily, school has been canceled so I get to stay in my pajamas for two extra days! Yay!

    1. Thanks! It keeps very warm plus it's on sale now! They have a white or beige one. You have nothing to worry about with this coat I am 5 foot 3 and 125 pounds, I ordered a size 2 and it fits perfectly. It makes me look shorter if I don't wear heels with it.

      That is very cold for Atlanta. Here it has been in the negatives and according to the weather channel it feels like -25 degrees. You are very lucky to be in your pajamas for the day, I'm at work till 5 :(

      Keep warm & thanks for stopping by!

  2. How cute is that coat?! And YOU! Adorable. I can't believe the casino closed. I'm not even a gambler, but I'm shocked!

    xo fal | falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks!! I gamble on occasion but I've never seen a casino closed.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. OMG I love that pea coat!!! And I am so very over this cold weather nonsense!!

    1. Thanks! Keep warm & thanks for stopping by!