Our Appetizer.: The Weekender - After the Holidays

January 5, 2014

The Weekender - After the Holidays

As crazy as this sounds, I am ready for my normal schedule to be in full swing. While I love the holidays, I also love my schedule. I enjoy knowing that everyday I go to work (and yes I love my job), I go to the gym and I only go out once a week. My liver has been in shock by the amounts of wine and Goose (as in Grey Goose not the animal kind) I've been drinking. Spending the holidays along family and friends has been great but lets all get back to reality.

Thursday was my first day back to work in 2014 and the drive home was slow and snowy. Check out my snow post here. Below are a few photos I took while in traffic. I know it wasn't very smart to take pictures while driving in this snowy mess but we were doing like 20-25 mph and I was being careful.

Friday was spent at home because we were snowed in. The worst thing about living in a culd-de-sac is that it never gets plowed. Every year we get stuck in the house at least once. While it makes for a surprising day off, I don't think my boss appreciated my e-mail Friday morning. After the snow was cleaner I went to the gym for the first time in 2014 and the first time in a month months. I thought I was on top of the world so I ran 3 miles and lifted some weights....bad idea.

Saturday I forced myself to get out of bed early to go to a workout class. I am trying to create a constant schedule with the gym. After the 3 miles on Friday and the weight lifting class on Saturday, I can barely walk today. I met with a group of ladies at my favorite place around, Press Wine Bar. If you have been following me, you have learned that I love my wine! I could drink wine everyday, all day long (if it didn't include all of the calories, staining of teeth and bad choices made after too many glasses of wine).  Since we all love wine, this is the perfect location to have all of us together to enjoy a (few) glasses of wine and some great cheese. 

Sundays are usually lazy days, expect for this Sunday. Since we are Romanian, every year we begin the year with the priest of our church blessing our house. Let me tell you, Romanians are very very (very) superstitious therefore we have the priest come and bless the house to get rid of any "bad" in the house. While this makes for a cleaning day before the priest comes, it is still nice to sit at the dinner table with him and have a blessed dinner. And we wouldn't be Romanians if the table wasn't full of a 4 course meal and of course wine, cognac and beer. The dinner included Romanian appetizers, Romanian style Chicken Noodle Soup and a Romanian dessert.

How was your weekend?
How do you feel after the Holidays?
Have you started going to the gym again? 


  1. I completely agree with being ready to go back to work, and I don't even like my job.
    My eyes are on the prize: May 31 when it's all over. The faster I can get there, the happier I will be lol. And then summer can drag on with no complaints from this girl :)

    1. My favorite time of summer is laying on the beach somewhere but that can't happen in Cleveland :( Till spring, I have to brave the snow :(

  2. that dinner table looks like my MIL's every sunday YUM! (my husband is romanian).

    i am NOT looking forward to going back to work tomorrow :( we are getting a huge dump of snow again PLUS freezing rain so tomorrow's commute is going to suck a big one.
    i have been working out throughout the holiday but just at a later time instead of first thing in the morning so tomorrow will be extra tough!

    Vodka and Soda

    1. I've never met any Romanian on here so it's good to know that your husband is Romanian. We are going to get dumped on with snow too :( I used to be in the gym at 5am before work but it gets so tiring. Tomorrow I'm going to go after work if I can walk. I am so sore, it hurts to walk up the stairs.

  3. I love the holidays and having my hubby home from work but after awhile I really start to miss our normal routine too. What a lovely tradition to have your home blessed :) I too am starting to get myself to do a little working out as well and boy is it hard to commit to a schedule but I do love the feeling afterwards (the feeling of accomplishment not the pain part lol)

    1. I agree, I definitely feel accomplished afterwards but the morning after a hard workout I feel very sore and not so accomplished haha. Good luck on working out and getting back into a normal routine. And thank you for stopping by :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :) Great job on the workouts, I'm trying to get myself back into a routine as well.

    Have a fabulous 2014!


  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Pittsburgh has been crazy snowy as well!