Our Appetizer.: Getting Buried In Cleveland

January 5, 2014

Getting Buried In Cleveland

Drive home from work
Getting buried in snow
The drive to the airport to the airport on Thursday morning wasn't too bad. Traffic was moving, it wasn't snowing but it was definitely very cold. My Guy's flight left on time, which was very surprising because about 80% of flights leaving Cleveland were either delayed or cancelled. Thank goodness he got out of here before the store hit. 

Since it was very cold, I parked in a parking lot closer to my office than where I normally park. This parking lot is in open air and costs 2$ more than where I normally park but it is much closer. While at work, my mom kept texting me saying that it had started snowing very hard and that I should try to come home earlier. Well since I work at a corporation, I can't just leave as I please. 

After my work day was over, I started my walk to my car. It had snowed a good amount at this point and none of the sidewalks were cleaner. When I arrived to my car, I realized the big mistake I made. My car had at least 6 inches on snow on it! I had to clean off my car in the freezing cold instead of not having the clean off my car and save 2$ if I would have parked where I normally park. 

You can see how snowy the drive home was from the first two pictures. It took me an extra 20-25 minutes to get home. Thank goodness there were no accidents and everyone was very cautions.

How is the weather where you are?
Have you had to drive in weather like this yet?


  1. We've been having quite horrible snow here, too! It's all we can do to keep our driveway cleared enough to go in and out!

    1. It's crazy how in the summer time I complain because it's too hot and in the winter time I complain that it's too cold. I guess it's not winter time without a lot of snow. Keep safe and warm!