Our Appetizer.: Workin' those buns

January 8, 2014

Workin' those buns

Workout Wednesday is back! And just in time for getting in shape for summer. Remember working out now means a sexy bod for the summer time. No one wants to go to the pool/beach not looking their best. Today I have two different challenges I am going to start doing today. They will both tone different parts of your body just in time for summer time. 

This workout will tone your legs so there is no jiggle going on. By doing these squats you will look your best in skinny jeans, leggings, bathing suits and skirts! Do each workout illustrated above for the number of reps stated by each day. You must remember to not skip any days.

Get your arms ready for tank tops, dresses and strapless. This is for those of you who think you can't do push ups. Just work your way up to 40 push ups and see the tone and definition in your arms.

Who is going to do these challenges with me?!
And who is ready for summer time!?

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