Our Appetizer.: Restaurant Review #4 - Press Wine Bar

December 9, 2013

Restaurant Review #4 - Press Wine Bar

Probably one of my absolute favorite wine bars in the Cleveland area. 

I have visited this location once before and when I returned for the second time and had the same exceptional experience I knew I had write my experiences in the hope of intriguing other of visiting this establishment. Upon arriving to Press Wine Bar, one has to drive through the amazing neighborhood of Tremont. This neighborhood is home to some of the best restaurants around including Lolita, Dante, Fahrenheit and The South Side (just to name a few). As expected, Press Wine Bar fits in with these restaurants quite nicely.
The decor inside and outside is perfection. The dim lights make it a more intimate setting perfect for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, holiday celebrations or just a night out with some friends. The wooden tables and bar pull the entire feel of the restaurant together with the glass from wine cellar and the open view into the kitchen.

Every time I have visited this location, the service was exceptional. Our waters were always kept filled to the brim, our server was very attentive. Let me tell you about the food...amazing, fantastic and love everything I've had at this place. Pictured above is the Crispy Risotto and Mozzarella (the appetizer in the middle) closest flat bread is the Spicy Salami, the flat bread to the right is the Squash and the farthest is the Lobster. 
Spicy Salami Flat Bread
Crispy Risotto and Mozzarella - Basil pesto, tomato sauce, rosemary and balsamic reduction

Flat Breads
Spicy Salami - Milano salami, sriracha garlic and parmesan cream sauce, pepperoncinis, provolone, black cerignola olives
Squash - Butter nut squash puree, pancetta, goat cheese, apple and maple drizzle
Lobster - Maine lobster meat, truffle mascarpone spread, mushrooms, parmesan, chives

Overall, I will highly recommend this location to anyone and everyone! Check out my review on TripAdvisor for more reviews on this establishment.