Our Appetizer.: The Weekender #4

December 9, 2013

The Weekender #4

Happy Monday everyone! I cannot believe it is Monday (again) and I cannot believe this is my last week as a college student well as an undergrad, I guess. I still have one presentation today at 4, a final exam and a project...ugh still sounds like a lot. But anyways, on to my weekend. Talk about an roller coaster of emotions weekend. Friday I am stressed, overwhelmed, annoyed, happy and relaxed. Saturday I was relaxed and Sunday I was busy and happy.

Why Friday was stressing, overwhelming, annoying, happy and relaxed.... 

Stressed & overwhelmed & annoyed  - because I had to turn in my capstone (the last class taken before you graduate) final 50 page report by noon. Thursday night I had stayed up really late editing the 50 pages as well as formatting the paper and Friday morning I made sure all of the editing was correct and added in all last minute touches. I went downtown (because that's where my school is) to get my paper printed and bound. Well I had to park on the street...and there was NO street parking so I was forced to pay 5$ for 45 MINUTES....which brings me to my annoyed feeling. I swear some people just don't care about other people. The parking attendant was so rude and just arrogant...so yes I'm Alisia payed 5$ for parking for 45 minutes. 
The left is my presents for my parents. And the right are my presents from my parents.
Happy & Relaxed - My day got much better when I went to the grocery store and bought wine, beer and candies for my parents in celebration of St. Nicolas. And At night I met up with two lovely ladies at a wine bar to just catch up and enjoy an evening together. We had such a fantastic time! Make sure to read my Restaurant Review about Press Wine Bar!
Press Wine Bar with some girl friends.
My drive home. It had snowed while we were at happy hour!
How was your weekend? Did it snow?

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