Our Appetizer.: Uh oh the tree is falling

December 10, 2013

Uh oh the tree is falling

I cannot believe this actually happened...our Christmas tree fell while we were putting up ornaments.
Let me back track to a few days ago to explain how Christmas has been going at my house. Last week on Thursday my dad had put up beautiful Christmas lights outside. Every year my dad (and sometimes myself) puts up the Christmas lights outside and my mom&I decorate the inside of the house.
It's a little blurry :/

Personally, I think the lights look amazing! He did a great job. On Sunday, we bought a Christmas tree and put it on the tree mount and let it settle inside before we began putting up ornaments.  
Not a bad looking tree. Well this is where the problem began. The tree is really tall, it hit the ceiling and it was mostly staying up because of the pressure it was putting on the ceiling. Let the decorating begin and the count down to the falling....
My mom and I brought up all of the beautiful ornaments from the basement and we started getting into the Christmas spirit, telling stories and laughing. We had already added the 4 different strings of twinkling lights. And I added the first ornament....
We were standing around the tree trying to figure out how to put the star on top, when my mom decided to cut half of the top part of the tree the tree started to wobble back and forth. So we decided to tighten the mount even more, thinking that we had fixed the problem we were just admiring the tree. And then all of the sudden....TIMBER....the tree started falling towards us!! So we grabbed it and we were both trying to hold it up while deciding what to do.  Well we ended up undoing the mount and take the tree out to figure something else out. 
And that is how we ended up with our Christmas tree on the floor in the middle of our living room. 

Has this ever happened to you? 
How do you get into the Christmas spirit?


  1. Oh no! I've never had a real tree {I know, I'm missing out}. I hope that you guys are able to figure something out and get your decorations up! Christmas just isn't Christmas without a tree and some twinkling lights :-)
    P.S. Consider me a new follower. Can't wait to read more posts!

    1. Welcome & thanks for following! As you can tell, I might be the randomest (if that's even a word) poster ever haha. And I know, I hope we can figure something out. I think tonight we are going to get a new tree stand, maybe that's the problem. Since our current tree stand has held about 16 trees, it might need to be retired.

  2. Yikes! I cannot believe your tree fell. Another blogger's tree stand broke and her tree fell. Boo! :(

  3. Oh no!! Yet another point in favor of easy fake trees! :P (I have a fake tree, but I do believe that the real ones will always be the prettiest!)