Our Appetizer.: The Weekender #2

November 11, 2013

The Weekender #2

Totally a blogger fail since I haven't posted since Wednesday...but it was a really busy Thursday & Friday so I guess that counts as an excuse?

Thursday I had my very first End of Year meeting with the guys are work. But let me tell you the day started off terrible. And by terrible I mean terrible, I was late getting to the meeting because of dummy drivers since it was raining (yes people, we live in Cleveland and it rains sometimes no need to drive 20 mph on the highway). Well it was a cold and rainy Thursday morning but I survived with my favorite grey scarf and my North Face to keep me warm as I ran through the rain.

I had to add the snowflakes boarder on this picture since it was finally available to use! I think it makes the picture more festive for the holidays and it just reiterates how cold it was Thursday morning.

Friday was spent with my loving parents. My mom was feeling a little under the weather so I spent the afternoon with her and my dad.

Saturday Night - Girls Night
Saturday night was such a lovely evening with two fantastic girl friends. I don't these girls often but whenever we all get together it is always such a good time. We spent most of the time having some vino and appetizers at Humble Wine bar (review post to follow). 
Shannon & I ventured on to Society Lounge where we each had a Moscow Mule which is made with Smirnoff #21 vodka, line juice, ginger puree and soda. We enjoyed these drinks while listening to a 60s singer, Phil Turk. The location is perfect for these type of performances, it feels like you are whisked away in time.

Sunday is always the day for wasting away time over a long breakfast with my parents, homework, a visit to the gym and this Sunday was also spent at Express. I'm always a sucker for their sales :)

Did you have a good weekend? 
What was the highlights from your weekend?

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