Our Appetizer.: Restaurant Review #2 - Humble Wine Bar

November 11, 2013

Restaurant Review #2 - Humble Wine Bar

This was attempt #2 to have an evening at this location. The first time I tried visiting Humble the wait was about 2 and a half hours...that is crazy! I would never wait for a table for that long. Anyways back to this time visiting Humble. The wait was around 15-20 minutes this time which was fine because us girls like to chat. Myself, Shannon and Jessica each ordered a glass of wine to start off the evening while waiting for our table. The restaurant was full of conversations and pleasant evenings coming from each table around us.In my opinion, Humble is a perfect location to catch up with friends and enjoy a relaxing evening filled with laughter, vino and good food.
Our appetizers arrived just in time for glass #2 of vino for each of us! 

One of our favorite things to try when visiting a wine bar (or any location) is a cheeseboard. The cheeses we ordered were amazing...but I don't remember the name of all of them since there were so many to choose from. I know there was a Brie, a smoked blue cheese, a cheddar cheese and two different ones that I don't remember. The fixings with the cheese board were honey, fig jam, nuts as well as housemade crackers & baguette.

Since Humble is known for their pizza's we had to try one! The pizza we ordered was the Shrimp pizza which was amazing other than the fact that I could not cut it with my knife. Yes, I do eat pizza with my hands but I didn't want to get my hands dirty and it is more ladylike to eat with a fork & knife. This Shrimp pizza was made with roasted garlic (don't worry you won't smell like garlic, it's not that strong), calabrian chilies (which makes the pizza spicy...we asked for extra), sun-dried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. Talk about a delicious pizza!
This was the perfect girls night at such a relaxing yet alive wine bar. I will definitely say that the vino was flowing, the laughter and conversation filled the air and the appetizers were the perfect touch. I would visit this location again but I would not wait more than 15-20 minutes for a table and it is the perfect place for a girls night or just getting together with friends for a good evening together.

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