Our Appetizer.: Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

Lets talk about this Black Friday shenanigans...I think it is absolutely crazy that Black Friday exists. Yes the deals may be good but why is it that people have to make complete fools out of themselves to get the deals. Please proceed to the following pictures and I will explain:
So after giving thanks for the things you already have....you get in line and fight with other people because of "deals" on things you really may not even need. This brings me to the question of...why do people (mostly guys) fight? In this situation do you think that you will get ahead in line? Probably not...you will most likely get kicked out. Do you think you will save money on your "deals" if you fight? Probably not...because you may have some hospital bills to pay for your injuries or the other persons injuries...better yet, maybe even a ticket to pay or lawsuits. 
People literately getting trampled. I mean honestly that is someones mom and grandma...how would you feel if that happened to your mom or grandma? Is it really worth getting TRAMPLED and potentially hurt for a few dollars off something that you probably don't even need? I mean really people....have some dignity. 
A few years ago I worked at a Best Buy and this is what people did. They froze their butts off to camp outside of Best Buy for THREE TO FOUR DAYS before Black Friday....are you people out of your mind!? Do you know that is just CRAZY? I remember that year someone even fried a turkey on Thanksgiving in front of Best Buy in their tent. 
I feel so bad for those two people working at that store. It is chaos all around them and people look like the world is coming to an end. No people...the world isn't coming to an end, you are just crazy to get a "good deal". I think the funny part is how, if people would just wait till after the holidays or for any other major sale that they would get even better deals. Lets face it the only people that get awesome deals on Black Friday are the crazy campers. 

Now on top of Black Friday stores want to open earlier or even be open for Thanksgiving. Take a look at this article. This is crazy for two reasons:

Reason one: The people that work at these retail stores have families too...they need to enjoy their Thanksgiving with their families. Of course the big shots at the corporate offices don't care if their stores are open because they won't be working. Trust me when I say this....the CEO's of Walmart, Target, Best Buy and any other store that will be open on Thanksgiving will not be working on Thanksgiving, but the actual store workers will. I don't see how this is fair or even humanly right.

Reason two: People shopping Black Friday or now Thanksgiving. Truly it comes down to what is more important.. spending time with your family during holidays or spending time in stores to get "the best deal"? Yes I understand that some people have made it a tradition to go shopping on Black Friday but that doesn't mean on actual Thanksgiving.

Personally, I think friends and family are more important to me than the material things I would be getting on the day that we are supposed to be thankful for the things we already have. Thanks for reading my little venting session about Black Friday and Thanksgiving. 

How do you feel about Black Friday? What are you most thankful for?


  1. ugh i agree. i've been approximately once and swore i would never go again. While trying to buy a pogo stick for my nephew i literally rammed my mom in the head with it. It's bad when you accidentally beat up your own family ha!

    1. Haha that's kind of funny! I've been once with my mom but we didn't buy anything. We were just curious of how it would be and if people get as crazy as we heard...and we confirmed that people really do get that crazy and that we will never do it again. Haha

  2. I do feel bad for the people who are going to have to stay up all night on Thanksgiving working! I don't think it's worth it at all! I go sometimes on Black Friday--but not for the crazy stuff. Last year I went to the mall with my siblings at 7 am and it was fun. It wasn't crazy busy--the lines were maybe 5 minutes long, I bought a couple 75% off shirts for my husband and that was it.

  3. I am guilty of being a Black Friday shopper but it has to be something I really want or need but I've never fought or ran over anyone's granny however I did get into an argument with a lady over cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving day last year. lol


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