Our Appetizer.: I went, I procrastinated but I'm still GRADUATING

November 20, 2013

I went, I procrastinated but I'm still GRADUATING

I don't think some people understand how freaking excited I am to graduate. It's been a roller coaster of 4 and a half years. Yes it took me 4 AND A HALF years to finish and I'm actually proud of it. First of all because I went to Ohio University (the biggest party school in Ohio) and partied my butt my freshman year. Oh man oh man the stories I have from that place. I went, I made friends, I drank and then I came home...willingly.
The pictures above don't do justice of the amazing memories I made in only one year. Yes, I made a lot of bad choices but I wouldn't have changed one of those choices. After transferring to CSU I was basically forced to grow up and focus on my future career. Yes I still partied...a lot...yes I still procrastinated....a lot.. but nothing makes me happier right now than seeing all of those green check marks!
These darn green check marks mean that I've completed my undergrad degree with a double major in marketing and international business! I don't think I can explain to anyone how proud and happy I am to have actually started and finished my undergrad degree. Now all I need to do is pass these last 4 classes and get that darn diploma! Well, I guess wish my luck in the "adult" world out there! 


  1. Woohoo! Congratulations!

    1. Thanks!!! December 15 cannot come soon enough! I just have 3 more exams, 3 papers, 1 project and 3 presentations to finish :(