Our Appetizer.: Terrible But Fun

December 5, 2013

Terrible But Fun

I have been so incredibly busy with work, school and just my life that I have completely gotten away from blogging. I know it is absolutely terrible, but life happens I guess. Work has been so crazy with it being the end of the year and I just had my first Big Girl job interview for a full time position with the company I have been a co-op for, which that was stress within itself. School has been very stressful and overwhelming since it is my last semester. I've had one exam and two presentations already and I still have one more exam, a project (to start and finish) and one more presentation. And my life outside of work and school has been pretty eventful as well, check out the pictures below to see what I'm talking about.

Life According To My iPhone
1) I've been loving relaxation time. Candles and Hallmark Christmas movies have been my saviors plus nothing better than that on cold days.
2) My life has mostly consisted of late night writing of papers and studying.
3) Starbucks = LOVE! I've been ranking up stars on their app (another love). I was actually in the Cleveland airport a few days ago and I wanted coffee but there was no Starbucks around only Dunkin' Donuts, so I didn't get coffee because I wanted Starbucks of course.
4) My hair has been growing! Finally!! I will have to post a picture of my hair long, then short and how it is now.
5) Myself at a sushi place...that was gross. And that was a fake smile because it was that bad.
6) Carson was my date at this gross sushi place. She doesn't look very thrilled either.
7) Our nasty sushi. We only ate about a quarter of the sushi because we were scared to become sick.
8) First time I tried Saki and I was so disappointed! Maybe because this place wasn't very good, and I guess I should give it another try another day. But for now, I'm staying away from all things sushi and Saki. I don't even know what I was thinking because I'm usually really picky about where I eat any form of seafood.
9) I went to visit my friend Shannon 2 weeks ago and she has a bottle of wine called Fifty Shades of Grey, believe it or not it was actually really good! And her wine stopper was the cutest!
10) I swear I wear almost the same thing to work everyday. Dressy pants with a top.
11) A quote a found and that I live by. For me it's the little things in life that count the most.
12) My boarding pass for Tampa! As you can tell I was super excited to go visit My Guy for Thanksgiving. Nothing better than leaving the cold in Cleveland and going to Tampa for a few days. It was so cold in Cleveland that they needed to deice the plane before takeoff.
These are motivational and funny.
13) Motivational post I saw on Instagram that is fantastic for keeping me in the gym when I don't want to be there. I know we are all getting into the winter blues.
14) Haha I just think that's funny. Mostly because I think it's true since the silence treatment kills all.
15) In the spirit of Christmas, another funny one. I mostly think it's funny because of some of the posts I see on my news feed.
16) This is something I feel very strongly about. We  all get wrapped up in this crazy world and we tend to lose sight of ourselves and what we want. I think this is a great reminder to start being ourselves and not who everyone else wants us to be.
This has been my last 2 weeks according to my iPhone from busy, to crazy and relaxing I wouldn't have had it any other way. 


  1. DId you get the job?! :)

    1. I don't know yet, I'm still waiting for a response. I really hope I do because I graduate on the 15th and I've already been a co-op here for a year and a half.