Our Appetizer.: Target you steal my money

November 13, 2013

Target you steal my money

I took the day off work yesterday so I could catch up on schoolwork but I had a few bumps in the road. I woke up earlier to do research and get in the gym before I was going to settle down and focus on schoolwork. When I woke up I realized my WiFi wasn't working in my house so I tried fixing it. You know the whole restarting it, unplugging it, restarting my computer.....the whole routine, and it still wouldn't work. So I figured it was my WiFi router that had gone bad. This is where Target comes into play...I went to Target JUST to pick up a new router but of course I couldn't walk out with just the router. I ended up buying a candle as well.
Do I need a new candle? No. 
Should I be spending money on useless things? No. 
Why did I buy the candle? I don't know....I always want to buy everything they sell at Target.
My lovely candle that I didn't need to buy but I still did anyways....thanks Target :)
I know buying a candle isn't a big deal but this is to show that every time I walk into a Target store I always walk out for more things that I originally wanted to buy. This means that when My Guy & I move out and we are looking for things to buy for our new apartment....I need to stay far far away from Target. But they do have super cute things that I want....I want them all.

The rest of my day was so relaxing at home
*after fixing my internet
Lovely roses from out garden. My favorite snack my popcorn. The candle I shouldn't have purchased. The best purchase my MacBook Pro. The death of me binder with all my schoolwork. 
I love my popcorn & I love my tea. Nothing better for a cold day of relaxation & homework.
What is your favorite snack?
Do you enjoy cup of tea?
Does Target steal your money too?


  1. Oh, girl. I hear ya. I swear I go into Target for kitty litter and leave with a whole cart of stuff. My poor fiance! What is it with that store?!

    I'm your newest follower :)

    1. Welcome & thanks for visiting! I swear Target either has super cute things that other stores don't have or the layout & display of the items is what attracts me (a marketers mind thinks this way haha).

  2. I love popcorn as well! Kettlecorn and the homestyle are my favorites.
    I am not a huge tea drinker, but I do enjoy Harney and Son's Peach Ginger Twist. No sugar needed!
    And don't even get me started on Target. I ALWAYS find something extra to buy there. My husband tries to use his hands as blinders but I still get distracted. :)

    1. I think My Guy's goal will be to keep me out of Target while we are trying to buy things for our new place.

  3. ugh target. i just can't be in there for short periods of time..i swear i say i'm going to run grab something and end up spending hours...how is that possible???

    1. I know what you mean!! I think the way the store is setup and the way they display things just captures my attention at every turn.

  4. I went to Target for $2 worth of office supplies and spent $40 the other day. Sigh.