Our Appetizer.: Workout Motivation & Workout Wednesday Routine & Tips for picking a gym

November 13, 2013

Workout Motivation & Workout Wednesday Routine & Tips for picking a gym

This goes great with my Weekly Wishes for this week! I know we all want to look fit and good for the holidays but there it only one way to get there and that is to get your butt to the gym. Not only do you have to get your butt to the gym but you also have to workout when you are there. And I'm not taking about "oh I don't want to mess up my hair or makeup" workout, I mean sweat dripping workout. And by the way.....who does their hair and makeup for the gym!?After you've spend an hour or two at the gym you have to make sure your diet is up to par. If you think that you can workout everyday for an hour and still eat all the crap you used to eat then you better expect to not have many changes to your body.  The only way to change your body is to just do it!

Trust me I know it sucks getting up earlier to workout or working out after a full day or work/school. I feel your pain, I work 8-4:30 and have class every evening but I still make sure you get in the gym after class. yesterday I was very proud of myself because I took the day off of work to do research for papers but I woke up earlier and got in the gym before doing research.
Tips for picking a gym:
  1. Location! I cannot stress this enough. If your gym is on your way home from work or school then you have no excuse for not stopping. Also, you don't want your gym to be more than a 10-15 minute drive from your house because if it's longer than the 10-15 minutes chances are you won't go because your excuse will be "It's so far" or "I don't want to drive that far"
  2. Space. I love my personal space when I'm working out. I like finding my own little spot to do abs, arms and to stretch so make sure the gym you choose has enough personal space. 
  3. Workout classes. I used to hate working out I thought it was the biggest waste of time. But then I joined this gym and ever since I really enjoy it, mostly because of the workout classes. Workout classes make working out fun...believe it or not. It's a good way to make friends, use dance as an excuse to burn extra calories or try a yoga class.
  4. Help. Not everyone who works out or goes to the gym knows how to use all of the different machines offered. So look for a gym where the trainers or gym staff are willing to help teach you how to use different machines. 
  5. Clean. Make sure the gym you pick is clean. The locker room is the first place I check out when looking to change gyms. I sometimes go to the gym before work and I need to take a shower after working out so I want to showers and the overall locker room to be clean. 
I hope my tips help you when looking for a gym or have even triggered the thought of joining a gym if you aren't a member of one. Ok, on to my Workout Wednesday Routine.

Workout Wednesday Routine of the Week

*all of my routines are made by me and these are routines I really do each week. I look for inspiration on Pinterest but I tailor it for my own needs. Feel free to tailor this routine to your own workout needs. 

Hope my motivation, gym tips and workout routine 
help you stay on track or get on track this week.

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