Our Appetizer.: Stressed But Still Well Dressed

November 3, 2013

Stressed But Still Well Dressed

One of the things I try to do is to be well dressed...even when I'm beyond stressed. And I will admit that this past week  month has been a complete stress ball. Everything from work to school and the gym but I'm also the type of person that likes to see the glass as half full rather than half empty...most of the time anyways.

My guy (quick recap) visited last week and we had such a great time doing our own little haunted Cleveland tour (in the spirit of Halloween). We spent time with our friends and family as well as quality time together.
The pictures of all the drinks are from Friday night, alcoholics we know how to have a good time ;) And the statue, spiral stair case and the cemetery pictures are from our haunted Cleveland tour :) 
On Saturday we went to see the circus which was good but not great. We probably won't go see it again but it's something worth doing once. 

Ok, enough of my reminiscing on great times...back to what my post is about, stressed but still well dressed.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of these things because....well I can't take pictures of the large amounts of work and homework I need to get done. But I will take this time to describe the life of an ALMOST college graduate:

Stress #1: Taking 4 (hard) classes. This is my last semester at the wonderful Cleveland State University and I am taking 3 normal classes and one online class. But let me tell you, my online class requires more work than all of my normal classes combined ohhh and the kicker is that my online class is an elective. Yes, you read that right....an elective. One example of how big of a pain this class is: tonight after working 7 hours and having 3 hours worth of classes I have to meet with some group members for my online class.

Stress #2: Still has to do with classes. I have 3 50 page papers due in the same week and two presentations. I need to research Krispy Kreme and BNSF....like I care about those companies. Oh and I need to do a strategy report for both and then present the report.

Stress #3: The job posting I've been waiting for just posted. So let the stress being about this because I really want this new position. It would be a fantastic accomplishment if I was able to get a full time spot at an amazing company before I graduate with my undergrad degree. But along with all my schoolwork and actual work, preparing for this posting will be hard stressful.

Stress #4: Deciding if I want to take the GRE or GMAT to get into an MBA program. Let me tell you, I hate standardized exams they are terrible, a waste of time/money and personally I don't think they accurately measure a student knowledge.

Stress #5: Finding time for myself and the gym. During the week I barely have time to do anything but go to work and school. I'm stressing out about getting into the gym because I don't want to fall into a bad cycle of not working out and eating unhealthy foods. I used to go to antigravity yoga, the gym, cook healthy foods and just enjoy me time by reading.
Well thanks for taking the time to read about my stress few months (till I graduate). What are you stressful about? How do you deal with stress? 
Well dressed:

Wednesday outfit 
Shirt: Express (similar) Pants: Express (similar) Shoes: Target Jacket: North Face

Thursday Outfit (super fun evening, posts to follow)
Shirt: Express Pants: Express Shoes: Target Necklace: Francesca's (similar)

Friday Outfit
Shirt: Victoria's Secret (old shirt) Pants: Victoria's Secret (similar) Shoes: Kohls (old)

So it has been a stressful week but a well dressed week...I didn't have pictures of my outfits on Monday or Tuesday :( 

Hope everyone had a fabulous and well dressed week!

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