Our Appetizer.: [Thirsty Thursday...no class thursday]

November 3, 2013

[Thirsty Thursday...no class thursday]

Halloween was great for me...no little kids, no candy to get me fat and no class! Met up with some classmates friends since our class was canceled (best feeling every). We ended up just going to this little Irish bar in downtown Cleveland for some Pumking beer but they didn't have it. I don't know why we thought they would have any kind of pumpkin beer on halloween. Regardless, we had a glass an Angry Orchard with a shot of fireball....ah mazing!! It tasted like an apple pie, definitely a must next time I go out. A few pictures from our little get together...

This little Irish place was so much fun! I will definitely return because the staff was amazing, the decor is perfect and the drinks were great! *just wish they served food

How was your Halloween?

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