Our Appetizer.: Trending - Barn Weddings

August 18, 2016

Trending - Barn Weddings

We've seen the trend all over Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and all other social media outlets. Barn weddings are becoming more of the norm rather than the "out in the boonies" wedding. The rustic, romantic yet elegant look is something that some brides look for.

The look is simplistic yet beautifully romantic. The venue basically speaks for itself and a bride will need minimal decor to make it look stunning. 
Simple drapery can make the entrance of a barn look grand. It gives it the flowy, romantic look. One of the best ways to invite guests into the romantic lit barn ahead. 

My Guy and I had the pleasure of attending our first barn wedding this past summer. The wedding was in a little town outside of Denver Colorado. The wedding was simple and romantic. The ceremony was outside and we sat on hay bales and there were cute signs around. The ring bearers wore adorable suspenders and were holding a sign. 

My favorite part of the wedding were the mason jars. I loved that we drank out of them all night long and we got to take them home as a party favor. The personal touches at the wedding made you feel like family. 

My Guy had the perfect excuse to wear his cowboy boots and cowboy hat to the wedding. He definitely fit in very well. There was no better place to take a picture other than outside during sunset. 

One of the best weddings we've ever been to! The barn was amazing, the decor was beautiful and the evening is unforgettable. 

Have you ever been to a barn wedding?
What is your opinion on barn weddings?


  1. I love the rustic look - you could absolutely glitz it up!! xo, Biana

    1. Me too! I want to do a rustic modern wedding. But we will see what venue we decide on.