Our Appetizer.: How to people watch (without getting caught)

August 18, 2016

How to people watch (without getting caught)

Have you ever been to a place and random found yourself people watching? I can tell you that My Guy and I have definitely found ourselves people watching more than once. It’s so easy to just sit on a bench in a busy location and just people watch.

One of our favorite places to people watch is at Costco…after we get our hot dogs (duh, because we are super healthy people). We like to go to Costco on the weekends to go grocery shopping. Ok, let me be more clear...we like to go to Costco on the weekends to try their samples and buy a bunch of random stuff we typically wouldn’t buy if we didn’t sample it. Therefore, we walk in thinking we are going to get our normal Costco things (salmon, chicken, salad mix, etc) but then we try a bunch of random stuff and walk out with the random stuff ON TOP of our normal purchases. I swear Costco samples gets us every time!

Anyways, back to people watching at Costco. This is what you gotta do!

Go to Costco, grocery shop (or not) and go to where they sell ready to eat hot food. They have all sorts of goodies from giant pizza slices to ice cream and hot dogs. Get whatever you want to eat (get the damn hot dog) and then sit at a table. You will be shocked by how many people have to physically walk past you to get out of the store. And you being a normal human you will naturally people watch. I swear I get the best outfit ideas from people watching at Costco. Oh also, you can tell the people that are actually healthy or the people that just buy a bunch of fried crap…side note of course.

 Now go to Costco and do some good old people watching! 

Have you ever people watched? 
Have you ever been caught people watching?

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