Our Appetizer.: Change is beautiful

May 5, 2016

Change is beautiful

Hello there! It's been awhile again, but this time I have a really good excuse as to why I've been so MIA (missing in action for those who don't understand this lingo). Lets just say that I've been MIA because of changes. So many positive changes. I don't even know where to being!! So lets just start with a selfie shall we!

Well now that you see that I haven't really changed much I can update you on all of the changing in my life!

So it looks like the last time I posted was March 11th, what the heck Alisia!! I cannot believe its been that long. Since then I baked my first cake, A & I went to Florida to visit his mom (my first vacation with his side of the family), I earned a promotion AND A & I moved in together!!! FINALLY

Talk about a little stud.
They came up with the coolest game! Beach Bowl!
Family time on the beach

On our way to dinner on the last night

We had a blast! The weather was amazing and we made so many great memories. Have you ever been to Fort Myers?

Photo bomber over here
What's new with you?
Tell me what you've been up to! 

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