Our Appetizer.: Friday Favorites

January 2, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy New Year everyone!! I still cannot believe it's 2015, where have all of the years gone?! I remember when it was 1999 and then 2000 and everyone said that something crazy was going to happen. Well I'm glad that nothing crazy happened but I think it's crazy that it's already 2015. I am hoping and praying that this is going to be a great year. I mean I did start the new year along family and friends. And on New Years Day I went to a low key wedding, so that's a good start...no?

Here are my absolute Friday Favorites as I link up with Amanda.

On my vacation to Punta Cana, I learned that I really like horseback riding. I was terrified at first but after 10-15 minutes I was more comfortable. The hardest part was that I've never rode a horse before and the instructors didn't speak English. But with some hand signs we all worked together well. 

After the party we went to for New Years Eve, A and I came to my apartment and made a bed on the floor while we watched the Christmas tree and talked about the new year. Probably one of my favorite moments in a long time. Just so at peace and relaxing. 

On New Years Day I went to a low key wedding for a dear family friend. For dinner we went to an Asian restaurant and this was my mom's fortune. I adore it. 

And my favorite day of the week right now is FRIDAY! It's really hard to be at work right now but back to reality. 

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