Our Appetizer.: When in Vegas...

September 2, 2014

When in Vegas...

Do a lot of shopping and not that much drinking. Or at least that's what I did. My parents and I made a trip to Vegas because my mom had to get surgery done out there. I know I know, kind of random to have to go all the way out there for it but this guy specialized in what she needed done. If you want to know more about what she had done, ask me and I'll share. If not, then that's that.

We flew with Southwest and this was our first time using this company. Not too shabby. We got snacks which is always a plus when you are flying.

and of course I had coffee. How cute is the stir thing with the little heart!?!?
Talk about an amazing view. 

I've never been farther west than Chicago so it was very cool to see this time of climate. 
We did a lot of shopping at Caesar's Forum Shoppes. They have the most amazing stores in this place and it makes you feel like you are outside. 
For those of you who know me, know that I have an obsession with fine bags and shoes. So this was the place for me. I adore Louis Vuitton bags and Christian Loubutin shoes. 

Last year, my parents bought me my first pair of red bottoms and it took me about 3 different online orders to get a pair that I thought would last forever and the right size. Needless to say, I never got the size right though online shopping so I bought mine from Neiman Marcus in Tampa. I wish I would have known that there are TWO Loubutin stores in Vegas. I was so tempted you have no idea!!!!! Do you love shoes and/or purses? Which brands are your favorite?

I am a BCBG whore. I love their dresses and I don't mind paying the price for them because they are so classic and good quality. I tried on these three dresses and I ended up buying one for a wedding on Saturday. Come back next week to see which dress I bought for the wedding. Which one is your favorite?

I've been dreaming about this purse for years. And as a surprise gift from my parents, I had to choose between this purse or the Bianca Red Bottoms. I had to choose the purse. What would you have picked?

I adore the shoes but I love the purse more. I think these shoes are a good 25th birthday gift, what do you think?

I needed a new bag to use as my day to day bag that had a shoulder strap since my LV's don't. I fell in love with this Michael Kors bag and I love the blue in it.

I have an issue.

Our last night in Vegas, we went to dinner at The Buffet at the Wynn hotel. Personally, I thought it was pretty pricey for what you got. For dinner it was 50$ a person but there was a lot to choose from. During dinner we saw a gentleman and his wife walk in. She went and got him food while he talked to one of the managers. This gentleman also had two bodyguards in suits sitting at a table near by. All of the servers and staff looked like statues when they saw this gentleman. We thought he was a big deal since everyone acted the way they did. After the gentleman left, I asked our server who that guy was. Come to find out, it was Mr. Wynn. So ladies (and gents) we had dinner next to a billionaire. Yes with a B, BILLIONAIRE! 
Vegas was pretty freaking amazing. I'm already planning a trip with friends. This time I spent too much money on clothes and purses. Next time I think I'll be spending more money on alcohol and partying. 

The rest of the weekend was just a complete shit show. I drank too much and partied too much but hey isn't that what holiday weekends are for?!?

Can we just take a moment and stare at my man friend's eyes!?! You should see them in real life, holy moly. 

Shirt: Express (Similar) Pants: Victoria's Secret (old) Shoes: Christian Loubutin Purse: Louis Vuitton 

We enjoy going to places that have craft beers. This place was amazing, we've been here before but Sunday was the best time we've had. The door was open to the patio and there was a fire going. So we could smell the fire while we had fall beers. I had my favorite Pumpking beer which has way too much alcohol (8.6%) and he had an Oktoberfest beer. 

Amazing view from Shooters. 

On Monday we went to downtown Cleveland to watch the air show. One of my man friend's friend live in an apartment downtown so we went there for drinks and to watch the show from their rooftop. The view was amazing, sorry I don't have any good pictures. I kinda of gave up on taking pictures and just focused on meeting new people and making friends. This was the first time meeting a lot of my man friend's friends. Talk about nervous, and girls are kinda bitchy when a new girl comes into the "group".

Everyone, meet one of my best friends. She's really cool and fun, I promise. She's just kinda different at times. haha shes's going to kill me when she sees this on here. 

How was your weekend?
Do you love shopping?
Have you ever been to Vegas?
Do you have a cool best friend like mine? 
Have you ever seen the airshow?
Weekend Recap


  1. What a perfect holiday weekend!! Hope your mom's surgery went well! I have to say I'm a bag snob!! I will take a Louis any day of the week!! So I absolutely love your bag purchases!! I'm currently lusting over a Tory bag that I don't need but want - that's OK right?!

    1. Her surgery went well! She's just swelled up now, but that's a given. I love Tory bags, I want a clutch so bad. Oh girl, I definitely didn't NEED any of the bags or dress I bought but I really really wanted them. So I feel your pain with that one. I see it as, we have our shit together, we work, we don't do drugs, we are good people so why not splurge sometimes.

  2. Looks like an awesome weekend! I miss Vegas! Love all three of those dresses you were trying on! I would have chose the purse! Love it!

    1. Thanks! It was a great weekend, very fun but also relaxing. My favorites were the blue one (the left) and the black one (the right). I adore my new LV purse, it is something I've wanted for years.

  3. Glad to hear your mom's surgery went well! & it's always hard being the new girl in a group!

    1. Thanks! I saw her yesterday and her swelling went down as well, so all signs point to a healthy recovery. I think it's so hard to be the new person, I'm an outgoing person that usually makes friends with everyone but sometimes girls can be tough.

  4. I love shoes... but just wait until you read my confessions tomorrow... lol... please still love me! :)

    1. Thanks! Oh gosh, I cannot wait to read this confession.