Our Appetizer.: Three Quotes For Wednesday

June 4, 2014

Three Quotes For Wednesday

Quote #1) Be You and No One else.
Don't rely on others for any type of support, chances are you can do this on your own. Be the damn Queen of your life and get your shit handled. You don't need a guy to help you financially, emotionally, mentally or anything...well maybe you need help to hang a really big and heavy picture on your wall but that's it. Girl get it together and wear that damn crown.

Quote #2) Quit Fighting for Something That's Not Meant to be
Yes we have all been there, you really want something and it doesn't happen. Well it obviously wasn't meant to be so quit crying about it and worry about the other things in your life. While you might be upset about something that didn't happen your way, move on. What is meant to happen, will happen and what is meant to be, will be. Just have some faith.

Quote #3) Find Love
This hits home, and it might hit home with a bunch of you. One thing I encourage everyone to do is morn the end of a love but then find the courage to find love again. This love can be anything from the love for a family member that might have passed away, the love for a pet, the love for a friend or the love for a significant other. Find the courage to see the good in people and see what you can love in someone else.


  1. I love these quotes and think that everyone should apply these to their life! I know I do.. :-)

    1. Thanks! I'm always looking on Pinterest or Instagram for new quotes and these just really hit home to me.

  2. These are all great quotes! The second one really resonates with me since I've been looking for a new job lately and keep getting discouraged. But it's true that I should just have faith that something better will come along :)

    The Tiny Heart