Our Appetizer.: Workout Wednesday - challenges + healthy living

April 2, 2014

Workout Wednesday - challenges + healthy living

There is nothing better than starting a new season on the track to a healthier lifestyle. 

I love working out and getting in the gym or the barre studio but sometimes I don't have time for the gym or I am just too tired from working all day. Some days I have the energy and still don't go to the gym...laziness settles in for me once I'm home and out of my work clothes. I always have some sort of workout challenge going on to make sure that even on lazy days I do some sort of workout. 

If you guys know me, I'm always following fitness blogs, fitness instagrams and pin fitness workouts/recipes everyday. I follow Fitness Barbie on Bloglovin' and Instagram and let me tell you this girl is awesome! The April Ab Challenge above is one of her challenges that I started yesterday. I highly recommend checking her out and starting this challenge! We all want sexy abs for the summer right!? Then what are you waiting for!?

I hope everyone started this challenge as well. I will be adding the challenge above to this challenge. Hopefully by the summer I will have sexy toned abs. 

I challenge you to try one of both of these challenges!


  1. Ohhh I think I need to get on board with these challenges. The second one seems good!

  2. I definitely need to start this challenge!!
    I'm currently doing a 30-day water challenge.
    I posted about it with the sheet to print out to keep track.
    You should give it a look, maybe even join in too. :D