Our Appetizer.: The Weekender - Dad's Birthday!

February 24, 2014

The Weekender - Dad's Birthday!

Welcome to another edition of my lovely (sometimes boring) weekend

This weekend as all about my dad. There is no man I adore and respect more than my dad. He is the type of man that will drop everything he is doing to help his little girl and his wife. This man basically gave up his life for me and my mom. He is a truck driver by profession and a fantastic father & husband by heart and choice.

Friday night / bosses last day 2.21.14

Friday was my bosses last day with our team and let me tell you, I will miss her so much! No she didn't quit or get fired, she got a fantastic promotion that she definitely deserves. The only thing that will be difficult is the people working under her (myself, Jessica and our Financial Analyst) are all new. Jessica has been with the team for about 2 months, I've been with the team for a month and our Financial Analyst has been with the team for about 2 weeks. While I do have faith in all of us, this change might be a little rocky. 

In celebration of my boss's last day, a bunch of us got together around work for happy hour at Flannery's. Everyone enjoyed some beverages, laughs and great conversation. I left a little earlier than everyone to get home since my dad had come home for the weekend. 

Saturday 2.22.14

My mom and I had planned for taking my dad out for lunch to celebrate his birthday, to pick up a cake for him and to do all birthday festivities. Unfortunately, when my mom got home from work (yes she works on Saturdays because she's an overachiever) she didn't feel very good. So we decided to stay home and hope that by Sunday she would feel much better. I did get to go purchase my dads birthday present from myself and My Guy! 

 Saturday night, was of course spent with my girls! Lavi and I met at Press Wine Bar for drinks and food before going downtown. We really need to change things up and try somewhere else before going out. While Press is great, I'm sure there are other places that are great as well. After Press we met some girls out for a night of drinks and dancing! I'm terrible and didn't take any pictures....I need to get better at that, especially since I was having a great hair day!

Sunday / Dads Birthday Celebration 2.23.14

I cannot believe he turned 56. One thing that I have a really hard time accepting is my parents getting older. I mean I saw a grey hair on my dad and I wanted to pull it out! Oh and then I ask my mom to dye his hair because I don't want to see anymore signs of aging. Sunday was spent at Red Lobster stuffing our faces and enjoying our time together. After Red Lobster we had cake and champagne at home! We always do cake and champagne on birthdays and we always take a bunch of pictures that I always forget to print. 

how was your weekend?
how do you celebrate birthdays?
how do you deal with your parents aging?
are you terrible at taking pictures sometimes too?

Dateless in Dallas


  1. Awwww what a fun weekend! I am terrible at taking photos for sure ... but I always chalk it up to having too much fun to remember to take a photo ;) Happy Monday! xo

    1. I agree, sometimes I just get wrapped in the evening that I completely forget to take pictures.

  2. Ahhh sounds like so much fun - you look so happy! And so does your Dad - love spending time with my Dad as well :)


    1. It was great and he loved it. Even though he keeps complaining about how doesn't really like seafood and whatnot I know deep down he really enjoyed it.

  3. Looks like a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks, it was great and my dad loved it!