Our Appetizer.: Elkhart, Indiana - RV capital of the United States [work trip #2]

February 25, 2014

Elkhart, Indiana - RV capital of the United States [work trip #2]

Last week my boss, our financial analysis and myself got in the car for a work trip to Elkhart, Indiana. The drive wasn't too bad, about 3 hours to be exact. Since I'm a chatterbox that never knows when to stop talking, I kept everyone entertained the whole time we were driving. I think they were getting sick hearing me speak. A road trip is never fun without sharing stories, even if it is a work road trip.

Elkhart, Indiana

There is no way to describe this place other than your ordinary off the highway little town. Yes, I might be exaggerating because quite frankly I didn't see very much of this town but as a first impression ... I don't think I would enjoy living there as much as I enjoy living next to a fairly big city, Cleveland. The thing that took us to this lovely little town is Geocel. Geocel is a company that we acquired by the company I work for, they specialize in caulks and sealants, mostly for RVs and roofs. I mean Elkhart is the RV capital of the United States (fun fact). 

While at Geocel, we went got a tour of the manufacturing plant. It was actually interesting to see where they mix everything and the machines that are used. Can you believe that these machines never stop!? After our morning meetings we get to get lunch at the Chubby Trout

This was probably one of the best stir-fry's I've ever had! It was a sesame chicken stir-fry and it was amazing. I'm really glad I ordered this instead of something actually breaded and fried. Even though I don't know how healthy this dish was, it was still really amazing.

 We stayed at the Hampton Inn which was so cute! On the outside it looked like a normal Hampton Inn but on the inside it seemed so much cozier than they normally are. As soon as I walked in I had to turn the heat on because it was so cold outside. And of course I needed to make some coffee, which was terrible...absolutely nasty. 

Oh yes, and the most interesting part of my trip was getting food poisoning. It was terrible. I couldn't wait to get home and sleep. I don't think I've ever felt so sick in my life, especially being away from home.

Have you ever been to Elkhart, Indiana?
How do you deal with not being sick when away from home?
Do you think hotel coffee is nasty too?


  1. This is hilarious because Im from Elkhart :) actually a much smaller town called Middlebury which is about 20 minutes East of Elkhart where the RV Giant Jayco resides if you're familiar. Anyhow, there's not a whole lot of action around here-- your typical small town but we stayed because of the small town charm. Chubby Trout is one of my favorite restaurants !
    There's much more to see including the big Amish community in Middlebury and Shipshewana. Glad you got to visit and I'm not surprised the coffee sucked in your hotel! Most hotel room coffee makers aren't the greatest or the cleanest!

    1. Oh my gosh!! I might be going to Elkhart a few times a year since I work with Geocel and hopefully I'll get to see more of the town. Chubby Trout was amazing!!! Unfortunately I got food poisoning from Between The Buns :( Even though that's where everyone goes that goes to visit Geocel.

  2. OMG it looks so cold! Love your adventurous spirit! Sometimes the group needs someone to keep them all entertained! I'm sure they loved it. :)

    1. It was so cold! It's been so cold here all winter, I need warmth! I think silent road trips are boring and a waste so I just chatted the whole time haha.

  3. Just curious do you work for Sherwin Williams, random I know! But I just applied for a chemist job there and thought that it was funny to see this on your blog :)