Our Appetizer.: Happies & Crappies [1]

February 7, 2014

Happies & Crappies [1]

This is my first link up for Happies & Crappies with Stephanie from The Vintage Modern Wife. This link up basically has you look back at your week for the Happiness and the Crappiness (if that's even a word) that has happened. So here we:
The Happy:
-  I went to Florida! While it wasn't for pleasure, it was still really nice to get out of this insane cold and snow that Cleveland is getting. I don't know about you guys, but I am beyond sick of the negative temperatures and the snow. You can read my post about my first work trip here. I was so excited to get to Orlando and out of this mess!

-  This week I also wrote my first list of Tips. This has been a goal of mine since the new year. My blog is all about the odds and ends of my life, my thoughts, My Guy moving back home (hopefully soon, fingers crossed) and I also wanted people to learn something from me. So I took my first work trip as the perfect opportunity to put together the 10 Tips for Work Travel!

- Well the only other good thing is that it is finally Friday! Finally, finally, FINALLY FRIDAY! As you can tell by the picture I am kind of excited! Oh and being at the office alone also has its perks, even though it's really quiet. 

The Crappy
- This weather. Need I say more!? If you live in Cleveland or anywhere north of like Georgia I'm sure you feel like me....over this crappy weather. Let me show you how cold it was this morning coming to work:

- I think that's the only crappy I have...other than not being in Florida anymore but that goes hand in hand with this crappy weather. 

Check out Stephanie's blog to link up! 
What are your happies & crappies of the week?


  1. Hey Girl!
    I found your blog from Pinterest! I love reading about your new big girl job at SW.
    -Crystal Prizner

    1. Hi!!! Thanks! Its been so crazy oh and they are going to post my old internship...wink wink!