Our Appetizer.: 10 Tips for Work Travel

February 6, 2014

10 Tips for Work Travel

10 Tips for Work Travel 

I, myself, am new to the whole "corporate world" and traveling for work. I actually just got back from my first travel for work trip, you can read about it here. I kept a close watch on what other people were doing, saying, wearing, eating...everything so I could get a better idea of what is expected. So I came up with the list below, now remember this is from my experience and I am no way an expert.

  1. Dress professionally. I put this as the first tip because it is very important to look your best. Most of the time you will be meeting new people. Pack as neatly as you can so your clothes don't get wrinkled, if they do then iron them before you put them on. 
  2. If your company provides you with a company credit card do not take advantage of it. While you should (if your company allows it) charge your airport parking, meals, transportation, hotel and so on to your card, you should not purchase things above what you would purchase with your personal credit card. 
  3. Someone is always watching. While you might not believe me on this, it is true. After all work business is over, most people will go to dinner or to the bar and this is where you want to be extra careful of how you present yourself. 
  4. Be conscious of how much you are drinking. It is unprofessional and inappropriate to get out of control drunk while on a work trip. If there is an employee of senior status or executive level drinking a lot and getting out of control, do not join in. They have years of experience under their belt that you don't. 
  5. Put your cell phone away. While at dinner, a bar, in a meeting or socializing with co-workers during company events do not use your phone for personal use. This is considered rude and you are giving off the vibe that you do not care about the conversation happening around you. 
  6. Always give a firm handshake. This goes without saying, just because you aren't at a formal business meeting that does not mean that you don't shake someones hand that you meet. Remember, you are traveling for work not for pleasure. 
  7. Do not be late. And by this I mean don't be late for breakfast, to a meeting, for lunch and for any informal meeting. While traveling for work, you are still in fact working. If you wouldn't be late for a formal meeting then do not be late for an informal meeting. 
  8. Be aware of your actions at the airport. This goes hand in hand with number 3, there are always a lot of people around at airports and you never know who works for the same company as you. While you are traveling, you are still representing your company. Be courteous to everyone you come in contact with and never bash your company, fellow employees or customers to strangers or talking loudly on the phone. 
  9. Be prepared. There is nothing more embarrassing then arriving to your meeting without a pen, something to write on, business cards or anything else you may need during the presentation. 
  10. Leave significant others at home. It may be tempting to has your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband to come along for your work trip when traveling to touristy destinations. Again remember you are going to be traveling for work not for pleasure. Your focus needs to be on your fellow teammates or business partners to build a better business relationship.


  1. I've only traveled for work a handful of times and let's just say I broke more than a few of these rules... but so did ALL of my coworkers! It wasn't a corporate-type company though and I would never do that for my current company so I think I'll be okay. Good list!

    1. If it's a normal relaxed trip then some of these don't apply but for corporate companies I would try to stick to most of these. Thanks for stopping by & come back often!

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    1. Thanks & thanks for stopping by, come back often!

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    1. Thanks! It's just things I observed so I figured I would share them.

  4. Great post! I've gone on quite a few work trips and I totally agree with every point you make here. But regarding #10, what I've done in the past is add on a few extra days in said destination before the actual work part begins and my boyfriend has come along with me and then he left before my exhibition started. That worked out perfectly :)
    (By the way, I found you through Casey's link-up on We Took The Road Less Traveled - I like your blog!)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you found me! I do agree with you about number 10, if you meet with them before or after the work function then that's perfectly acceptable and a perfect little trip for everyone. We had someone bring their significant other to meetings, dinners and whatnot...that was a little much and I heard a lot of people complaining. I hope to stop by often & follow me on Bloglovin for updates.