Our Appetizer.: 15 Questions - Reflection On Week

February 28, 2014

15 Questions - Reflection On Week

I follow a lot of different blogs that have different meanings to me. Some I follow for fitness, for different lifestyles, fashion, humor, gossip, inspiration and motivation. A blog that I enjoy reading for inspiration, motivation and to just make me think and reflect on myself is And Yes To Joy. Amber does a great job at making me think, and not think like I did when I was in school but to really reflect on myself and my life. Her mission is to inspire and that is exactly what she does. 
photo via : And Yes To Joy
The questions below are designed to help you reflect on your week: the accomplishments during the week, the hardships during the week, the unchanged during the week and the new things. Take a moment and read the questions and think of your responses. Reflection is the best that you can do to really understand yourself and to continue to make better choices. 
1. What was the most enjoyable work activity of the week?
The most enjoyable work activity of the week was joining a new workout studio. I have been trying to slowly change my lifestyle to better myself. I want to not necessarily workout more but workout better as well as I don't want to eat less I want to eat more of the good things. This new studio offers Barre classes which I've been wanting to try, my first Barre class is tonight!
2. How many enjoyable work moments did you have?
I few good ones. Joining the studio, getting a really cumbersome report done for work as well as catching up on my work notes since my boss received a promotion. And I've done a good job keeping up on my blog this week too. 
3. How many frustrating or boring moments did you have?
I wouldn't say that I've had any frustrating moments but I've had a few boring moments at work. All of the people that send in requests for me to do were all in Vegas for the week for the International Roofing Expo so I didn't have a busy work week.
4. How would you describe your impact on others you work with, your customers, or those whom you came into contact with this week?
I always encourage others that things will get done. I work with two women that are as new as me in their roles (about a month or two) so stress can be high at times. I try to help as much as I can but also offer words of encouragement that things will get easier with time.
5. Is this the type of impact you want?
Yes, I love helping people.
6. If not, what prompted this change in desired impact?
7. Were you challenged this week?
I wouldn't say everyday but about 2-3 days.
8. Were you bored?
A few dull moments here and there but that's okay because next week is going to be crazy! It's month end so lots of things to get done at work and I have a workout class (or 2) scheduled every night.
9. What were your biggest and most exciting challenges this past week?
Biggest and more exciting challenge was getting through my Booty Camp workout classes. I can barely walk today...correction, I could barely walk all week. Those classes are very challenges but like my instructor said last night "hate me all you want right now but you'll love me in the summer".
10. How confident did you feel this week?
I would say that I feel confident this week.
11. Did you have any negative mental chatter about yourself?
Just some thoughts during my workout classes. I was very mad at myself for stopping my workout schedule a few weeks ago because getting back into things is very hard. And I was beating myself up for having cake for breakfast 3 days this week...yes you read that right, cake for breakfast.
12. Are you practicing actively believing that you can achieve whatever it is you have set your sights on?
100% yes! I take small steps each day towards my mental goals that I want to achieve. I take things one day at a time and I try to not let any step backs get in the way too much.
13. Are you committed to having joy and groundbreaking results at work?
Of course, being in a new position really helps to mold who I want to become as a professional. I want to inspire others like others have inspired me. I want to motivate others to get through the hard times and just focus on getting things done.
14. What distractions came up this week that prevented you from getting the most out of your job?
Walking. I know that sounds crazy but walking has been the biggest distraction this week. I am very sore from working out but I don't want to stop going to classes.
15. How can you avoid that going forward?
Keep going to classes to break through this soreness phase so that next week even though I will continue to workout the soreness will lessen. 
How was your week? What are you proud of? What could you have done better? As Amber states, please feel free to answer these questions yourself on your blog. 


  1. I totally know that stuff that comes with a new routine of any kind. I'm inspired by you joining a new gym. Every time I move, I have to get that "start up " energy going and it takes work! LOL-you must be working hard if the walking is tough. Some of my yoga classes do that to me now-I'm doing squats but I'm 20 pounds heavier!! AH

    1. Thanks, any support I can get helps a ton. The hardest part is now in the beginning but I think once I have a few months under my belt it will be easier to get up and get going. Good for you for squatting so much! That's amazing! I see it as we only have one body so we need to treat it right.

  2. I love this! I definitely need to start doing something like this. I feel like with such a "scheduled" week we sometimes just go through the motions rather than living the moment regardless of what we are doing. This was a great way to look back and see how you treat yourself, your job, and others around you. Thanks for showing me a new blog!

    1. I agree! We always going through the motions of things rather than stepping back to reflect on things. I hope you join in with reflecting on your week and I hope you enjoy Amber's blog, she's amazing.

  3. Kudos to you for doing those workout classes! I tried really hard to regularly workout, and I lasted less than three months. I'm just not meant to do it. But yay for you sticking with it. Getting through the soreness at the beginning is the worst!

    1. Thanks girl! Working out is so hard but I feel so great doing it and afterwards I feel even better. I can finally walk normal as of today, but I have another crazy workout class tomorrow.