Our Appetizer.: Christmas Decorations

December 20, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Here it is...Christmas, well almost. This year Christmas has come way too fast if you ask me. I mean wasn't it just Thanksgiving when I was in sunny Tampa celebrating My Guy's birthday?! Always I love Christmas at my house it just makes everything so warm and inviting. After a few mishaps with the Christmas tree, view post here, we got it together and it looks just as magical.

I adore this picture. Not only because it is my (parents) living room but because its a creation made by me and it encompasses all feelings and emotions of...Christmas.
My newest idea was to put lights under this glass table to just give it some light. Plus I love the picture of my parents from their wedding day. I wish I could have been there on their wedding day to see how beautiful my mom looked and how handsome my dad was. 

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our holiday decorations.

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