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November 2, 2013


So this is it! The last time I am making the move with my blog. I have admitted it and accepted the fact that I am indecisive. Let me give you a simple example why I think this, a few months ago I wanted to start a blog to just write and document everything that happens to me and what ever I think about. Well I thought that Tumblr would be the perfect spot for me, I was wrong. While I still have my Tumblr (visit me here) I use it only for pictures I like and different inspiration I find. Then I moved to Wordpress.com where I currently still am but I am slowly making the move over here. Don't get me wrong, I liked Wordpress but Blogger seems like a younger crowd and I like the customized options as well. So I moved on to join the Blogger team...the younger team :)

Well this is me...sun loving, wine sipping, traveler (or so I wish), Romanian and completely in love with life. 

I will be reposting a lot of different posts from my original wordpress blog but I may condense some things. I am mostly sad about losing the comments from my wordpress, but please start following me on here!


  1. Hey girl! I got your comment on Endlessly Beloved but I couldn't ermail back because you're a no reply blogger! Anyway, for the link up, you write a post with your ten things you're thankful for, and then visit my blog monday and there will be a post with a "link up" button and you just press that and add your link! :)


    1. Fantastic! Thank you for explaining it. And I'm going to try to figure out how to change the no reply thing. I know there isn't much on here now but I'm working on adding posts from my old blog on here so me on Bloglovin and check back often :)