Our Appetizer.: Weekly Wishes #2 - Memories

November 18, 2013

Weekly Wishes #2 - Memories

I am actually very proud of myself to be doing these Weekly Wishes. I tend to not keep up with things so this is great that I made it to week 2! If you want to know what Weekly Wishes are, take a look at the originator of this at The Nectar Collective.

Picture: Since this weeks linkup is about Memories this picture fits perfectly. The story behind this picture is plain and simple...a fantastic vacation at a beautiful resort in Punta Cana. This past summer my family, My Guy and I spend 11 very relaxing days in the beautiful Punta Cana. I would love to go back to this beach right about now!
Last Weeks Wishes
1. Get my schoolwork in a good spot. I need to get this down for two reasons: my sanity and graduation. I have 4 (huge) different group projects to get done before Thanksgiving and 2 30 minute presentations and 1 10 minute presentation all before I graduate (December 15)! I am stressed to say the least and I feel as I work on these projects a good amount but nothing gets done. So this week, I need to get 3 out of the 4 projects in a good spot. Wish me luck on this one...I really need it.
2. Stay on track with the gym. Last Sunday (Nov 3) I started my plan of heading to the gym whenever I have some free time and making sure I am eating healthy. Last week went good, I got in the gym 5 times! So I really want to stick to this to really make a change in my lifestyle. 

I am very proud to say that I accomplished both of these! I did a lot of schoolwork last week and this past weekend.  And I made it to the gym 4 days last week! Very successful first week of Weekly Wishes!

This Weeks Wishes
1. Finish My Guy's Birthday Present. This has to happen this week because next week will be super busy with exams and finishing up papers. And I get to go see him for Thanksgiving! I hope he loves everything I have in mind to get him. 
2. Stay on track with the gym. I make this a weekly wish again because it is something that has become very important to me. Plus I want to look hot for Thanksgiving in Tampa with My Guy!

The Nectar Collective


  1. Heyyyyy I have a very similar picture! That's so cool that you are making something for your boyfriend's birthday gift. I hope he loves it :) Are we going to see a post about it later?

    1. You will definitely see a post about it in about a week and a half! I love posting about my trips going to see him. So check back often!

  2. Good luck with your goals this week!