Our Appetizer.: Restaurant Review - Noodlecat

August 22, 2016

Restaurant Review - Noodlecat

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

There is nothing better than sitting down for lunch on a chilly day and enjoying a big bowl of noodles. They take the "traditional" college food, ramen, and turn it into something so much more. The menu is customizable to your preferences, it doesn't get better than that!

The way their menu works is you first pick your noodle type and then you pick your flavor. I picked the house ramen noodles with the college style flavor. The House Ramen is made fresh daily and is less chewy than traditional Japanese ramen, this is my favorite on the menu. After you pick your noodle, you pick your flavor. I typically always get the College Style which is shio chicken broth with poached chicken, dry corn, peas chives and scallion. And I always add the hot sauce they have on the table. A little spice never hurt anyone :) 

Another delicious option is their steam buns. The one pictured above is the Fresh Bacon Bun. It is sugar-cured, lightly smoked and roasted Ohio pork belly with BBQ. It is served on a white bread with lettuce, pickle, power ketchup and miso sauce. They typically change the type of buns they serve, but this one is one of the most delicious ones. 

All in all, a pretty good place for lunch in Cleveland. The service is quick, they have outdoor seating, the food is delicious and the portions are fairly large. 


  1. All this looks so so good!! I've actually never had a ramen bowl before, but there's a noodle place we go to about an hour from my house and I always get Pho. They have ramen soups too but I don't think you can pick your noodle and flavor like the place you go to!

    1. You need to try ramen bowls, they are delicious! I love Pho too soooo I guess I just really like broth and noodles haha.