Our Appetizer.: Reality Check

January 23, 2015

Reality Check

Yesterday I met my next door neighbor for the first time. Meeting her was the biggest reality check I've ever experienced. The words that came out of her mouth were the words that I thought I would never hear from this woman. And these words are what made me really realize a lot about myself. 

Let me back track....

A few months ago a girl and a guy in their late 20s early 30s moved in next door. After a couple weeks of them living there I met him when I came home one night but I never met her. What I noticed about them is that they have a super cute dog and they both drive very nice cars and seem to have good jobs since I see them in business attire. I've seen them a bunch of times and they seem extremely put together, it always seemed like they were the perfect couple from how they were acting. I used to hear (thin apartment walls) them do very loud dirty and intimate things before and thought "wow that doesn't really seem like them". And I started to judge them because of hearing their intimate moments and how irresponsible that seemed to me. 

Yesterday, I met the girl that lives next door. She introduced herself to me and apologized if I've been hearing arguments (in my mind I was thinking I've been hearing something but they haven't been arguments) then she told me that he has been cheating on her all along and she just found out. They seemed like the perfect couple. He seemed like the perfect guy. And now thinking back to when I heard those inappropriate moments of theirs, he was probably cheating on her.

Reality slapped me in the face because I judged both of them before I even knew the whole story. 

Have you ever dealt with anything like this?
Have you ever judged someone and then found out the truth?


  1. Oh girl that's awful. I think it's easy to judge based on what we see/hear, but I always try to remember that everyone is going through something and no one's life is perfect--but still, it's always easy to judge.

  2. I feel sorry for her! Yes, it's true we should never judge or jump to conclusions although I guess it tends to be human nature.