Our Appetizer.: Drinks, drinks and more drinks

December 4, 2014

Drinks, drinks and more drinks

That's basically what my man friend and I did all weekend. And it was amazing. I'm getting ahead of myself, I would say my weekend started Thursday after my awful second interview. I don't understand why higher ups in the company have to be such d-bags and just so unprofessional. But that't another post for another day, if you're interested of course. And if you are, let me know below in the comment section :)

Anyways, enough talk about my awful and degrading interview. Time to talk about the fun stuff!!

Thursday after work my friend Tamara and I met at the Q. Yes that is where the Cleveland Cavs play. And yes we attended an amazing yoga event. The movement is called Believe In Cle and it's a couple different yoga studios in the area to team up and do a free yoga event every few months. 

It was really cool to do yoga on the court where Lebron plays. There were a couple hundred people there and Dan Gilbert the owner of the Cavs gave a motivational speech. You can check out the whole thing here.

Of course I had to purchase a shirt, it's so cute and comfy. Oh and the amazing pants I'm wearing are from Express. 

Friday night
A (my man friend) and I met at a local restaurant for some drinks just to talk about how awful my interview was and how the rest of the week was. Yes we see each other everyday but we both needed some booze. I need to get better at taking pictures because I have none from that place. I do, however, have pictures of the rest of the places we went. 

We went home and changed after happy hour and decided to try 87 West again. It's a super cute little wine bar but the last time we were there was our first "date" and it was AWFUL. Not the restaurant, the restaurant is amazing, one of my favorites. The date was awful. I mean the worst date I've ever been on. That's another story for another day but seriously I hated this man so much after the date. After the date I told him and I quote "I could never date you because you are such a dick". And look at us now....yeah told you long story that I'm not getting into right now. Let me know if you want to know the whole story though, I don't mind writing a post on it. 

We weren't too hungry so we split the baked brie. Have you ever seen baked brie like this? I haven't. It was ok, nothing to rave about. Then we went to Bar Louie and had another appetizer and more drinks. No pictures because I suck remember.

Saturday Night
Consisted of more drinks and more food. I think you think we are alcoholic fatties, we aren't I promise. 

We went to get sushi at a local place that A has never been to. It was so good, so were fatties and alchies because we drank more. #wastedproblems

We stayed around the outdoor mall to watch the Christmas Tree lighting and it was amazing. They had beautiful fireworks right after which were right above us.

Such a great way to end dinner. Everything was amazing. Then we decided to go out, again. And have more drinks, again.

My bestie V joined us for drinks at a local bar called Around The Corner. It felt so cozy inside with all of the Christmas decorations and the festive beers. 

Just spreading the love. Doing what we do best. Drinking, loving and having fun! These two complete my life. 

The night ended with a pretty picture of A and I at another bar of course. And we met up with more friends but like I said I suck and there are no pictures. Can we just talk about what a stud A is?!? I mean holy moly, how did I get so lucky!?

I had to take A to the airport at 5am because he was flying to Florida to see his mom for the week. It was so early since we were out all night. It's crazy I already miss him. We basically live together since he is over all the time so this week will be empty without him. I did some shopping on Sunday because that's what I usually do when he's gone. #problems. I know. 

Obsessed with all of the new things in my apartment! Always great finds at Marshall's and TJ Maxx! 

I am so late on this post and so behind on posting. I am trying to do a better job. 


  1. I need to hear about this awful 2nd interview!

    1. I am going to post about it. It was AWFUL! I'm still waiting to hear if I got the job or not, so I'm going to post about it after I find out.

  2. OK, reading this post really made me miss Cleveland! Is that weird? I know exactly the places you were talking about. My parents met at Around the Corner!

    1. NO WAY!! That is so cute! I really like that place sometimes but really dislike it other times. It can get so trashy and busy!